Friday, August 24, 2012

  Seems we're pretty evenly split between orange and lemon, but it was pointed out to me that with the burgundy cords I plan to wear with this, lemon wins out in the end.  I may save the orange buttons for some kind of a pattern launch giveaway - I do have 6 of 'em, so that's three sets to send.   And if you guys get the bleu yarn, you can wear some other color jeans and look more awesome than I would have in this exact combo.

But Bombay Sapphire here isn't the only fall sweater that's finally starting to look like something around here.

Between trips to the beach (3 this week) and taking the kayaks out nearby (car still not noticeably dented),  finding out  class lists (Who's on Gold??? Oh My God!!!  We're on the SAME team!!!), and starting a little back to school shopping (orange Vans, with cordorouy and flowers on them),  I've gotten things underway (phew, cause it wasn't looking good for a while there)

There are two things in the works for Rhinebeck - one is inspired by my friend Gabriella's shoulder here, and must be worked on when having a clear drink only.   I can't show you the actual sweater, but I'm having fun with a fisherman style theme.

However, I can only work on a white sweater when having a clear drink (or no drink at all!) so a second option was necessary.

 This will be  Bloody Mary.  (The perfect October name, right??)  It is a bit more done than the photo here shows, since ribbing is great beach knitting, but you get the idea.  The yarn is Harrisville Tweed's Garnet colorway, which I found last spring when on my quest for the perfect red.   I love it and I'm not afraid to drink around it. 

Since those two are already pretty far along, there's one more thing I am excited about.   Another BabyCocktails/ Plucky project  -- Dark and Stormy 2.   In fact, I am a little too excited about this one and may be driving poor Sarah crazy.    But I've been wanting to do a different version of the original for ages, and when I scored this yarn on an update, I realized only one thing could be done with this color.   With a cozy shawl collar.

It will be knit in Plucky's  Rustic yarn, and it's going to perfect with jeans and a pair of leather boots.  Right? 

Anyways, that's about it for the update.  Two teenagers are eating cupcakes in the kitchen and a bag of beach snacks needs to be packed.  Of course, they won't be packing it.   But I'll make 'em load the car.


Seanna Lea said...

I still really want to make the first Dark and Stormy. If I wait too long I'll feel like I need to compare it to D&S2.

Gah! There is just too much to knit/craft/etc. I need to just make knitting my job to get through it all!

Kristen said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with. I love your fall designs and always love the yarn and colors you choose.

Angela said...

Oooooh, I've been wanting to knit a thick, oversized, cabley, neutral-colored (think Plucky in Bisque) sweater since forever, but haven't found the perfect pattern. I would love to testknit this one for you if/when you need one. Or I'll wait patiently (not) for the pattern to come out and be the first to purchase it. Is that a worsted weight or thicker?

kate said...

Thanks a lot. Now I NEED a blue sweater with orange buttons and it's all your fault ;)