Saturday, September 29, 2012

 First of all, thanks so much for the great response to the Bombay Sapphire pattern!  I'm so glad that you guys like this one, and cannot wait to see them begin to get knit up.

 For those of you waiting to score actual Plucky yarn in order to make yours, there will be an update tomorrow, Sunday, September 30th at 5pm Eastern on the Plucky BLOG.  Not only will Bleu be available but many other colorways as well, and I've snagged Sarah's lovely photo here that shows a few of them!  Options will be available in both Primo Worsted and Plucky Sweater.   And as mentioned before, note that both these yarns are a light worsted weight, which is just a bit more delicate than a regular worsted.

Or maybe you were going for a neutral?  Here's some.

And if you're still hemming and hawing, there's EVEN more.

She's had a bit of fun in the dyepots here.

This time, Sarah and I are going to do something a little different in terms of "kits".  The logistics of putting print copies into the packages are both expensive and difficult, and we've realized that what you all really want are the PDFs.   So there will be NO print copies in the packages of yarn shipped.   Instead, you will receive a password with your purchase confirmation (from Plucky) that you can use on Ravelry to purchase the pattern for $4.00 - our usual kit discount - instead of the usual $6.50.  This password will be good for 2 weeks so you have time to download, and once the pattern is in your Ravelry library, you can print it out again if you spill on it or lose it, and you'll get an update automatically if there happens to be any errata.  For the few of you that do not have a Ravelry account,  we can work out a direct PayPal/email transaction instead via email, so you still get the discount if you have purchased yarn in the update. 

PLEASE NOTE: Bombay kits will ship on/about October 26th. 
And, on a fun note.   I'm getting used to these contests.  
Later next week, once you know what color you're knitting,  I'm thinking that maybe you'll need some buttons?


Seanna Lea said...

Those are some lovely choices. I haven't seen the Plucky yarn in person, but you've talked about it so much that I know I need to try it.

Anonymous said...

Oh the color choices make it hard to choose shipping day is my bday maybe its fate that I have to have some:)

kayT said...

Did this yarn sell out in five days? So sad.