Wednesday, October 10, 2012

 A few of you may remember that I've been hinting about a second version of Dark and Stormy in the last few months.  

 How about this?

 It's a different take on the grandpa sweater, but still deep and dark and a little more interesting than your basic cardigan, just like the original.   I'm thinking of Chocolate Stout as I work on it.   As you can imagine,  I didn't want to create exactly the same sweater, so I'm playing with texture and a different shape this time.   I'm also working bottom up, instead of top down,  and I thought pockets would be kind of fun.   I still have a few sleeve decisions to make, but things are chugging along.

I'm really excited about it, and imagine wearing it to death.   You know that feeling when you knit something you Cannot Wait to put on your body?  That's me this week, and it feels good.   I think sometimes in designing, the knitting turns into a balance between what will sell and what I want to wear.   I do love all the designs I end up publishing, but some are more likely to be worn, and in all honesty, some are designed with people who are Not Me in mind.  Designing for profit has all these other parameters - using a certain yarn,  dictated elements for the sweater, deadlines, and making sure it's easy enough to write up in different sizes.   Not that the designs aren't fun to create, but some  end up spending more of their post knitting lives in my closet.   Not this baby.  

 Today's goal is to add some sleeves and get these pockets finished.    If I get done in time, I could have it done for Rhinebeck!  Or maybe even next week....


Before I get back to the pockets, though, I need to get sum up the first button contest, and post the second set.   So..... winners from the first set are below.  I see that the yellow knots (A) and the gold etched (F) were not claimed, so if someone loved those, please do ask and I'd be happy to send them to their new homes.  

Set B - Kristen
Set C - Carol
Set D - Turtle
Set E - Jess
Set G- Deeden

Winners:  Congrats!  I'm using the names you gave on your comments, so if you see yourself on that list, please send me an email at with your mailing address, and I'll get your buttons out in the mail.    

Contest Set #2

Silvers and Whites

1. etched silver
2, 3. swirly white (two sets)
4. white flowers

(They didn't show up against the paper!)

And below is the green/teal set:

 Just like last time, leave a comment with the color of your sweater and what button set you would like to win!  Be sure to leave either a name, email or Ravelry name so I can find you. 



Savannagal said...

My sweater is greenish gray and I think the metal buttons would great on it. Thanks.

Lisa said...

If you are still looking for a home for the yellow knots, put me down for them. Also, for the green F buttons. They would look good with yellow.

Tiffanie said...

I'd be happy to give the gold-etched (F) buttons from the first round a good home. I've got some Cabaret on its way to me and I think the #1 Silver Etched buttons would look great against it.

Anonymous said...

I love the white flower buttons. I think they would look great on my light blue Bombay Sapphire.


dianne said...

Texture for D&S2! Very nice! I need more knitting time in my life so I can try to keep up with all these wonderful designs.

I'm planning to make Bombay Sapphire with Tess' Designer yarns Superwash Merino in Steel-blue gray that has been in my stash for a couple years. The white swirl buttons are very cool looking.

Turtle said...


Both 3 and E are lovely. I love a good vintage looking button!

Anna said...

I am going to use gray yarn, and those white flowers or silver buttons would look great!

Seanna Lea said...

I haven't bought yarn yet, but I need a rich brown sweater (so there is my next yarn color), and I think the white flower buttons would be amazing on it.

Jess said...
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CathyDB said...

Set "I" of the teal/green buttons would look fabulous on my lavender Sapphire. (Sapphire is also my birthstone!!!!) I love purple and green together.

QuiltedSimple said...

Love the silver butons - for my dark grey "someday" bombay saphire:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Thea, I purchased your Dark & Stormy pattern and am about to begin.After seeing alot of comments with shoulder bunching problem, do you have any tips or solutions for me or should I just follow pattern, in your opinion? I really appreciate any help you could give! Thanks!