Wednesday, October 17, 2012

 October really is my favorite month - the weather turns, the leaves are gorgeous, Halloween's coming, my all time every-year favorite rummage sale is next week, AND it's Rhinebeck.  Plus, I  begin to move away from gin and vodka to the brown drinks of winter, which I love.  Everything just gets cozier.

The weeks leading up to Rhinebeck have been a little busy, but I can now fold these three sweaters up and put them into my bag.  The white one will be in a plastic bag, then added to my  LLBean duffle, since The Box is poorly suited for travel and I learned the bag lesson back in elementary school when I used to bring yogurt to school for lunch.   Yogurt is not always a good idea.   

Anyways,  the white sweater will be properly protected.  It needs to remain secret, so that's all you get to see of it, but I can give you a little preview of the other two cardigans I'll be wearing at the Festival, which will be available as BabyCocktail designs soon.

The red tweed cardigan is Bloody Mary, and the plan is to release this one before Halloween.   The yarn is Harrisville Tweed and the cardigan can be knit long or shorter, depending on your preference.  All I'm waiting on are my photos from Caro and a bit of finishing from the test knitters.

The brown cardigan is Chocolate Stout, and you'll have to wait just a bit longer before this one is ready to go around the holidays.  


With everybody blocked and buttoned, all that remains for today is to organize what I want to knit on the road and make sure my husband knows were everybody needs to be and when.   I'd rather work on the yarn part.   So, two projects are coming.  The pink is my Black Cherry Lambic scarf, which I've always wanted to add a few inches to, and the second is something I've been working on in the background for a while - It's Dani's Sunshine Yarn in a gorgeous, gorgeous orange called Heirloom Tomato, and that project is just beginning.   After putting all of these sweaters under my belt, I need a little accessory knitting.   No sizes, no seams.


  Since I did mention the switch to dark spirits,  a recipe before signing off. 

This was courtesy of my husband, who occasionally proves his status as a Keeper by whipping me up a little something while I'm knitting.   He put about 2 fingers of Rye in a glass, gave it a quick shot of water (Rye's not always as smooth as bourbon), a touch of dry vermouth, and a bit of grenadine.  (He's not big on measurements)  It's a slow sipping drink for  sitting next to the fire, which I was doing, but you can't see the fireplace from this angle. 

And, he brought it to me in my chair.   If that doesn't make him a Keeper, then just add the fact that Rhinebeck is on our anniversary every year and there's never even been a question of me going?   


:Lastly - button winners, round 2:

Cathy DB - I
Dianne - Silver ones
Katherine - Flowers
Tiffanie - Gold Etched ones

do send me your addresses via email ( and buttons will be in the mail next week!


Ellen Mason said...

I'll have my eyes peeled for you (and your number on speed dial). Safe travels. I'm excited to see your sweaters, too!

Thea said...

Oh yes Ellen, let's hook up!! Will be great to see you too :)

judy said...

Can't wait to see those sweaters! Love Bloody Mary! Hey Ellen.. will you be there both days?

Laurie said...

You are insuring that I will stalk you. I have some Harrisville Tweed that needs knitting.......

Stripeyspots said...

I love the look of that brown sweater. And I agree with the brown drinks. I like a proper old fashioned in winter. Not the kind with the cherry in it but something with rum or brandy, a little simple syrup and some bitters... So comforting!

CathyDB said...

I won!!! I won!!!!! E-mail is on it's way. Thanks for the buttons and all the wonderful patterns.

Teresa said...

All those sweaters are lovely. October is the best month, hands down!

Patty said...

Have a fabulous time - needed to postpone til 2013 - broken arm! The new patterns look great Thea!

binkette55 said...

I cannot wait to see what you come up with for Dani's Heirloom Tomato, one of my favorite colors. Dani and Sunshine Yarns is one of my all time favorites. I have been waiting for this collaboration between the 2 of you!