Tuesday, October 02, 2012

 White yarn is gorgeous.  Really, it is.  This is locally sheared and spun cormo, which is extra creamy and smooshy and just beautiful to work with.  I can't even tell you how much I am going to love wearing this sweater when it's done.  

(This is all I can show you.   It's my secret knitting.)

But let's take a moment to discuss what knitting with white yarn has been like.   I have two children, and we are the house closest to both the elementary AND middle schools, so this place is crawling with friends most days.  Kids who want to pick up the knitting and ask what I am working on, while they rub it on their cheeks or noses -  or while smushing their faces into the sleeve, saying "It's so FLUFFY!".  Kids who had art a few hours ago and have the magic marker stains covering their fingers to prove it.  Kids who have touched Cheetos or chocolate from CVS on their way home.

So, measures have had to be taken.  I've actually hidden this between the hours of 2 and 5pm and put out a brown project, which can take a little lovin'.   But missing the afternoon chunk of time has slowed progress down a bit, so that wasn't always possible.   I also stayed away from all things Cheeto, which was tough.  And I have not been able to sit and sip my coffee while knitting.  In fact, I made a point of keeping this out of the kitchen all together, -- again, hard since I tend to wander in there a lot.

   I know some of you are very careful and can't imagine why I'd worry.  But that's because you don't know me.  Things around here might be  neat, but they are probably sticky or dusty.   My scarf right now has a little unidentified stuff -  icing? butter? -  on it, and I've rewound it so the crispy part is invisible to the world.

I'm the girl who had to buy a new tee shirt on the way to my last knitting meetup because I spilled coffee all over the one I was wearing in the car.   I just tend to spill stuff - it happens, right?  ( Lucky for me, during the coffee incident we were driving right past Kittery ME and the J.Crew outlet was about 500 yards away from the on ramp, so I didn't show up drenched and stained.  Just coffee-scented, but nobody noticed) 

So, for the last few weeks of knitting, I have banned all red wine and snacks, have worked on this NOT in the kitchen, have used Clorox wipes on tables and counters that had no idea what it felt like to be wiped oftten, and have actually bought a tupperware-esque box to keep the project in. (Actually, I got 3)  This thing is the perfect size for a pattern AND sweater pieces.  I am pretty proud of myself and think the new system is going to get used again, because it worked.  I even got a little extra room on the sofa.  Hence, I have to share it with you.

The Box was given a big buffer zone, all have respected its boundaries, and today is the last day the sweater needs protection around the house.   So, tonight I will finish up the neckline, place the white sweater back in the safety of the box until Rhinebeck, and pour myself a big glass of something red.  Like this one.

This was called the White Trash Wine Cocktail.  We had trendy lunch (see Craig's beer in a jar and that appetizer plate of pickled things?) last week on Yom Kippur, since Craig had the day off.   It was kind of amazing.   Prosecco and red wine, with a whole whack of fruits on the edge.  Tasted very 1976.

If you're wondering where to get a Box of your own -- Staples or Target has 'em!


AntiquityTravelers said...

oh man .... I have some of those 'marker fingers' at my place! and while it is less of an issue with beads, what those little fingers like to do is grab handfuls of beads to see how they feel. I think Anne would like to pour them over her head to see what it would feel like. Needless to say ... I am continually picking up wayward beads, or simply stepping on them!

margaux said...

love it. looks so TEMPTING to squish it! ;-) ...and now I'm off to wash my hands before working with white angora!

Suze said...

I'm surprised my knitting hasn't met with more accidents, considering I'm kind of klutzy AND I have a 4yo and 6yo in the house!

BTW, there's nothing wrong with being coffee-scented; it's a good smell :)

Seanna Lea said...

I'm working with an off white (sort of beige-ish) right now, so I completely understand. I try not to eat too much while I knit anyway, so that the knitting acts as a sort of control over my sweet tooth.

QuiltedSimple said...

My Aidez that I'm working on is neutral color - and I've had to be careful with it. Fortunately, the cappucino I had Saturday a.m. washed right out of it. And now I'm madly knitting on red, so the cream color gets a break for a few days:)

Ellen Mason said...

I too live in a house that is tidy, with dust rhinoceroses and gypsy knitting projects. Hurrah for white! You'll be easy to find.

Amy Freyman said...

When I started knitting Zach was 1 and I would have nightmares about him finding my knitting needles and pulling my project off the needles and unraveling it. I thought such fears would subside as my children got older but now I fear the grubby hands as well.

The sweater looks gorgeous and I can't wait to see the FO.

You should ask Laura about all her encounters with ketchup...I'll just say you should stay away from her if you are wearing this sweater and she is eating a burger.