Friday, October 05, 2012

 So, you've picked your yarn color for Bombay Sapphire!  Now it's time to think about the buttons for it -- and, as promised, I'm here to help.  I do have more buttons than I'll ever use up in a lifetime and they're easy to ship off in an envelope, so this'll be fun and easy, right?  

 There are a lot of them, so I have split these up into color sets for you guys, and will post each separately over the next week or two.  I'll have two more sets:  Greens/Blues/Whites  and Pinks/Purples/Reds.

So, take a look at these guys - A and B are bright yellow.  C is a little paler.  D is a peach, and E is bright orange.   You may recognize B from my sweater, or D from my original button post.  F is gold with detail, and G is a pearly thing with a gold edge.

 One more view.   (Ignore those purples!)

And, here's a good closeup of  F and G. (Ignore that silver guy for now, too!)

Alright, if you think any of these buttons might look lovely on your sweater, feel free to enter the contest!  You can enter for more than one set of buttons if you like, but each person can only win once.  I'll randomly pick winners after the weekend.


Just comment below with the colorway you are using and what button set you'd like to use with it!   It does not matter if it's not a Plucky colorway - you can tell me the color of any yarn that you happen to be using.  

And if you'd rather hold out and see what else I have to offer in the other color families, check back next week!


Plus a cocktail.  After all, it's a holiday weekend.  So, to go with the yellows and oranges,  I thought I'd also give you a recipe for a Beer Cocktail, which falls into the correct color family.  (I promise no blue or green drinks for those buttons)

This one is called a Frank Booth, and it's better than I thought it would be!

One can/bottle of light American Lager (PBR, Bud, Miller) 
2 oz whiskey
1 oz fresh lime juice
lime slices and ice cubes

Put whiskey and lime juice in jigger and shake well with ice cubes. 
Strain the mixture into two glasses  and top each with half the beer.
Garnish each with the lime slices
Serve and drink while it's still cold! 


gbellasg3 said...

I ordered Plucky Promo in Bleu and think the orange buttons would be a nice splash of color on the blue.

Shannan said...

I will be using Aunt Hazel and I was already thinking that I would use orange buttons, so set E would be perfect!

Laura said...

I chose Fat Fish Blue, and I love the orange buttons (E)!

Anonymous said...

I am going to use Plucky oatmeal so all would work--this is my entry for set A!

Anonymous said...

I am going to use Plucky oatmeal so all would work-- this is my entry for Set B! Deeden on rav

Anonymous said...

I am going to use Plucky Oatmeal so this is my entry for Set C! Deeden on Rav

Anonymous said...

Set D would also work great w the Plucky Oatmeal!
Deeden on Rav

Anonymous said...

Set E would go nicely w the Plucky oatmeal I will be using. Deeden on Rav.

Katie said...

I have some Plucky Sweater in Vintage Icebox coming my way, and I think the peach buttons (set D) would go very nicely with that color.

Anonymous said...

Set F buttons would certainly dress up my Bombay in Plucky Oatmeal! Deeden on Rav

Anonymous said...

An elegant look would come to my Plucky Oatmeal Bombay with Set G !
Deeden on Rav.

Marian Moldan said...

I'm think "D" (peach) would look lovely with a brown color I have in mind for this sweater.

Kristen said...

I haven't picked a color way yet, but I will make "B" work!

Robin H said...

I think my color is called Honey Wilkes... so not yet sure of the color buttons I would love. I'm open to suggestions - and would love to win some :)
Can't wait to receive the yarn and see everyone else's Bombay Sapphires!!!

Donna C said...

I'm using Primo in Bleu and I think E would make the perfect color combination.

Turtle said...

I think D would be fun!

Rhonda C said...

I'm thinking of the burnt orange color in option 1, which reminds me of the maple trees outside. Would love to use Buttons A with it.

maria said...

Dear Thea,

Can you help me with vodka lemonade? The collar edge/selvedge stitches are not right---as least the way I do them...



Anonymous said...

Plucky Primo Worsted in Bleu and definitely B.

Jess said...

Olive bar I think that E would give it a pop with the orange on green.