Friday, November 16, 2012


Most of the activity in the house for the last and next few days revolves around Oklahoma! (where the wind goes whistling down the plain).  I can sing most the songs from the movie by now, since Maya scored the lead role and has been crooning around the house for weeks.   

She's the one in the pretty frock, above in one of the show's  awesomely posed PR pics.  It's hard to recognize her all girly, but there she is and I am dyyyying to see her do her thing this weekend.   I've seen a little during the dress rehearsal and was already a puddle of proud parental tears.  We'll be going to all the performances -- two in actual seats and two backstage, since it's a cooperative theater and many jobs must be done.  

And of course, we will be hosting various grandparents and friends who are coming out for the event and staying through to Thanksgiving, so it's kind of like our holiday begins this weekend and continues onto next.   Our guest list has gone down a bit though, and is hovering at 15.  Very do-able.    I love all 15 of them dearly, and am looking forward to all of it.

Behind those all important happenings,  I've just finished my Sunshine Yarns cowl and am really happy it.  The undulating stitch pattern gives this cowl  an amazing drape, and I love how the lace is sometimes hidden, sometimes not.   I am going to let the pattern sit for the next week, since I have no bandwith to catch any mistakes right now -  and hope to release the week after Thanksgiving.   

But in the meantime, if you have a skein of Sunshine merino sport lying (225 yds) around, you may want to wind it into a cake.


In addition to the cowl-making and play preparation, I have also just finished the pattern materials on that white sweater, which many of you have been asking about.   Still a secret, sorry!  (unless you witnessed a certain group photo shoot at Rhinebeck ;)  Anyways, the collection that it is going to be a part of won't be coming out until next Fall, and I promise to let you know all about it then!


For upcoming knits, I am working my way towards colorwork on the gray sweater, still playing with the brown and purple skeins I showed you last week, have begun work on the collaborative project I mentioned,  and just got this in the mail a few days ago.   ARAN.  Yep, ARAN.


So, the drinks around here have been the pre-made kind.  And they are very good.

Happy weekend!  I'll check back in before Thanksgiving with a Pre-Turkey cocktail for you guys.


Anonymous said...

I really want that cowl pattern. I know that as soon as I make one, it'll become a crucial part of my staying warm strategy for winter :)

Thea said...

Thanks lollyknits! I've been wearing mine all day, it works for your strategy.... neck stayed warm.

Anonymous said...

My sister played Ado Annie (about 32 years ago) .....our whole house had Surrey with the Fringe on Top stuck in our heads for the next year and a half. ..........oh wait, I can even hear it now!!

My favorite recipe for Knob Creek is "pour it into a glass." Fine sippin whiskey!

Eagerly (!!!!!) awaiting Moonshine and Chocolate Stout, and I'm already mentally going through my stash to pair something yummy up with the cowl......


Ellen Mason said...

Now I'm going to be singing OOH -- Klahoma all day. Brava Maya, and Thea too!

Amy Freyman said...

Hope all went well with Maya! Sounds like we have been living parallel lives over the past few weeks as mine has also been filled with tech and dress rehearsals and we currently have a houseful of guests here to watch Olivia perform as Ariel in The Little Mermaid. Yup, I was a puddle last night during Part of Your World. Such amazing girls! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great Thanksgiving!

Beverly said...

That cowl is very pretty! I love the cheery color. I bet Maya will really enjoy being in Oklahoma! It's a great musical. Oklahoma is proud to have the only official state song written by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Nice, huh? Just as an fyi -- the wind comes sweeping down the plain...not whistling! Thought you'd want to know. ;)

Kristen said...

What a proud mom you must be!

Kristen said...

And Happy Thanksgiving with your houseful! Fun!