Tuesday, November 20, 2012

 I wanted to tell you about a fundraiser that Steven Ambrose of Bitches Get Stitches is working on for this year's  World Aids Day,  which falls on December 1.  You may remember Steven from my earlier Rhinebeck post, as he's the brains behind Nips With Steven - where he photo-essays any Rhinebeckians who are game enough to pose with his bottle of booze -  and he's a thoroughly entertaining blogger in general.   But he's also doing some good deeds out in the world when not photographing drunken knitters and knitting or blogging. 

 Last year, he organized a fundraising contest for the Pittsburgh Aids Task Force and raised just under $5,000 to help them with their work, and this year he's decided to help the Lansing Area Aids Network in the same manner.

Straight from Steven's blog, here's the HOW:

1. on december 1st, click this link to visit the lansing area aids network website and make a donation via paypal. the suggested minimum donation is $40, the cost of one rapid hiv test. however, i know $40 is a lot money for a lot of people (myself included). since i don’t want to discourage anyone from making a donation they can afford, all donations will be accepted, even if it’s only $1.

2. shoot me an email at bgsworldaidsdayproject@gmail.com with your contact information and the amount you donated. the details of your personal information will be kept confidential. this is so i can keep track of the total as it grows, and so i can make sure you get your prize.

3. winners will be chosen at random. it could be you!
the fine bold print:

*entries will only be accepted on world aids day itself (dec 1st)! this means 12:00am – 11:59pm is your 24 hour window to make a donation and send me an email to be entered to win some loot. i’m in the eastern standard time zone here people, so my giveaway is too!
And, since I posted this a bit before I should have, if you have already made a donation because I didn't have all the information yet, email Steven at bgsworldaidsdayproject@gmail.com and he'll enter you.  My bad for posting too early!

The prize page is here, and there's some fabulous stuff on it.  Patterns, yarns, books, bags... take a peek!

So while you're being Thankful for all you have this season, maybe throw a little extra karma out there into the world towards Lansing - and you may walk away with something pretty awesome, in addition to the feeling that you did a nice thing.

And if you're a BabyCocktails fan, there are 5 packs of 4 BabyCocktails patterns of your choice in the mix.  Just sayin'

Have a great holiday!!


Dorothy said...

Thanks! And happy Thanksgivng to you too, Thea! I wanted to also let you know I saw my first Dark and Stormy in the wild last weekend at an LYS event,and it was gorgeous-received compliments and the knitter loved making it and loves wearing it. It just moved up in my pathetically long queue.

Anonymous said...

I'm really excited when knitters get together and do some good. This sounds awesome!