Sunday, December 02, 2012

This pattern comes to you via a combination of old friends, which I think is so appropriate for this time of year, when we sit back and appreciate the people and things in our lives.  In both of my worlds - the knitting and the non - I am always amazed by the smart and talented women who I am lucky enough to know and consider my friends - and this cowl was made possible by one talented and amazing friend from each of those worlds.  So, as I wrap up one more year in both my knitting and regular lives, I am again so happy to have both these worlds, and even more grateful for the friends that they have brought me. 

But enough of that.  The cowl is what most of you are here for,  yes?  (That, and maybe a drink..)

 The yarn is Sunshine Yarns Merino Sport, courtesy of my old Knitsmith cohort, Dani.  As the knitting friend involved here, she's a woman I know from my old Boston knitting group, who now makes beautiful hand-dyed yarn in wilds of Colorado (or, outside of Boulder...) these days.  She is warm and kind and one of the sweetest women you could ever meet.  Her business is Sunshine Yarns, and she dyes beautiful yarn up in that western mountain air.   This color is called Heirloom Tomato, and it's the most perfect orange I've ever seen.  The sport weight merino yarn is soft and round and complements the stitch pattern perfectly. 

As for the cowl, it features an undulating cable-lace motif that creates a wonderfully fluid fabric, which just works perfectly around the neck.  And the ins and outs of the cables complement the subtle shades of a vareigated yarn kind of perfectly.   

Depending on your mood,  you can fold the edges down for a more contained and symmetrical cowl.....

 or let it fall as it may, for a laissez-faire drapey look.   I kind of like it when the inside shows and you see the dropped stitches :)

The non knitting friend involved in this is Amanda, who's neither a knitter or a blogger, but is one of my favorite Mom friends ever. Our big girls are peas from similar pods.  She's my usual tag sale partner - with an eye for clothing, a fine arts degree and an endless supply of enthusiasm.  (All which came in handy this weekend. )  As an added bonus,  all 4 of our girls love and miss each other (the whole moving thing) and were happy to spend Saturday together while Amanda and I took photos in the snow.  

 We had grand plans to go down to the beach to do this, but a Craigslist sofa was being delivered, so the backyard worked just fine.  (You'll see that sofa in the Moonshine shots I'll be posting next week) 

The Cointreau pattern is available on the sidebar to the left or on Ravelry for $4.50.  
Some details are below and the rest are on the Ravelry page.  

Yarn:  Sunshine Yarns Merino Sport in Heirloom Tomato.  1 skein/215 yards for 32".  2 skeins/430 yds for 40"
Needles:  US #4/3.5mm
Finished Size:  7.5" deep. 32(40)" long.   Shown in 32" size.
Gauge:  5sts/7rows in blocked stockinette.    

And, for a Cointreau drink recipe, this is what Craig makes me when we're watching TV at night.  Often, it's my dessert.

TV Watching Drink

2 oz bourbon
.5 oz dry vermouth
.5 oz cointreau
dash of orange bitters
squeeze of lemon 
2 ice cubes

Pour all ingredients into a short glass and add ice.  Swirl and enjoy the show.

Yep, there were 2 drinks in the photo.  The TV watching one is in the bigger glass.  Trust me, you don't need the recipe for the other. It was an experiment gone awry.


Anonymous said...
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Ellen Mason said...

Gorgeous cowl and color. I would be the show after that drink - sounds delish!

janna said...

A bourbon-based drink! I will be trying this! Also, I love the cowl, especially in that shade of orangey-red. After a lifetime of hating orange (despite that fact that my high school and both colleges had orange as a team color!), I'm suddenly wanting to knit everything in orange.

Hilary said...

Don't you love when worlds collide like that? Lovely pattern, Thea...that stitch pattern is awesome, and I love the WS, too!

Sandra said...

I can truly relate to so much in this post--love my two worlds, too. And I LOVE this new cowl. I have hardly taken off my Cherry Lambic this season, so it would be prudent to have another cowl so I can alternate :).

Junebug said...

Yea yea the cowl is nice, but I just tried the drink - Yum!!!! Thanks Thea.

The Martini Knitter said...

Love love love the cowl! It's just beautiful. A friend here told me to add a shot of Cointreau to my tea - on a snowy day it's perfect!