Saturday, February 23, 2013

 Surprisingly enough, this one comes to you via the Southwest Airline inflight magazine!  I always flip through after we peruse the SkyMall for giant ugly yard scultpure, the magic helmet that makes your hair grow in, and ways to potty train your cat. 

However, when I saw this, I thought it looked good enough to rip out and bring  home:

Kentucky Flower

1.5 oz bourbon
.5 oz St Germain
1 oz cranberry juice
1 egg white
splash of lemon and a slice

Combine all but lemon slice in jigger and shake till frothy.   Add ice and shake again.  Double strain into glass.  Add lemon slice. 


And if you don't mind - before you sip, take a sec to toast Micheal.
You don't need to have known him, but give him a nod anyways, because you'd have liked him if you did.


Ellen Mason said...

Here's to Michael, may he live on in us all.

margaux said...

Cheers to Michael!!

Mary said...

Cheers to Michael! (and I'm taking it as a good sign that I have all the ingredients to make this cocktail.) safe travels, Thea!

Hilary said...

To Michael!

Deb C. said...

Hear! Hear! Michael

Lynn in Tucson said...

Consider it done!

Anonymous said...

I think I have all the fixings for this.

To Michael.