Friday, March 22, 2013

 I don't feel the least bit guilty getting ready to publish this next week.  

You can see I'm still bit by the colorwork bug, but only going in ankle-deep as of yet, so this motif remains nice and simple.  Steeks still scare me, since I have yet to take Mary Jane Mucklestone's class, which I know I keep saying I will.  I promise more colorwork in the fall, and really hope to manage the class before then, and you'll definitely see that learning curve once I do, right?


Besides working on Sambuca (which is the name of that sweater above), I've been fighting with this design for the past few weeks.  

 It's a cardigan idea in a really lovely shade of buttery yellow worsted merino by Spirited Fibers, called Mimosa.   And I didn't even have to figure out the drink for it - their yarns are already named after cocktails!  A match made in heaven, right?  Check them out.   Unfortunately, the design itself is foiling my plans at every turn.  I love everything about it, but it's just not coming together as it should, and the more I revisit it, the less it seems to work out.  
In my previous career as an advertising exec, I always doubted my creative teams when they'd come up to me after a while in development - usually just before deadline - with the phrases:  "We just don't have it yet." or "It's not working."  After which they'd take a break for a beer at the bar across the street, and I'd have to call the client.

  In my current career, I finally understand.  Because sometimes it just doesn't come when you want it to, and you can't really force the solution, because when it comes to you it does, and when it doesn't come it just doesn't.  So after doggedly knitting this almost to the end, I'm admitting temporary defeat.  I'm walking away for a little while, and it's in a timeout. And after all these years, it's my turn to have the beer - but in an unfair twist of fate, it's also still my turn to make the call.   Oh well.   At least the yarn people are so much more understanding than my old Got Milk client!


Instead, I started a very soothing project - a second Cassis.   Because there's nothing like going back and following some actual directions to ease the annoyed, pattern-writing mind.   I made this Cassis with long sleeves, and  I shortened the overall length of the sweater, since I don't need two of the same thing in my wardrobe.

A sweater's worth of Plucky Primo Aran in Oatmeal was as good as actual therapy, and now I have a new idea on the needles.  It's a spring/summer pullover in Plucky Sweater, in a color called Karat Stix.  Super Easy and Bright Red.  

BTW -  I am in the process now of  working on the Aran numbers and will do something with this in the next few months. 


Kristen said...

In my job I developed the ads for a home decor store. I had a pad and paper with me everywhere, because you never know when inspiration will strike! (usually at night in bed!) The creative juices flow when they will and it's not always at the most convenient time, but as a creative person you have to rely that when they run dry they will also come back, patience! BTW, Got Milk? REALLY?? Wowser!

Ellen Mason said...

Your solution will come easily with pause (and beer) - you are right to step away. I'm swatching for my next - entire ball knit and reknit at least ten times. Need beer too.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see more pictures of the new sweater! And it's true, inspiration can't be forced. (Which is super frustrating, but just part of the creative process.)