Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sorry, it has not been a week for blogging.   As many of you know, there was a terrible tragedy here in Boston, and most of us are reeling.   It's a small city and there are not so many layers that separate most of us from those who have been affected by Monday's bombings. 

Jess and Patrick are friends of my sister.  They are a young couple in their 20s, and both were horribly injured.  There is a long, hard road ahead of them.  Please think about helping. 

You can follow the link below, and any amount is appreciated:


Kirsty said...

I am so sorry....such an international tragedy. I read about both of them today in The Daily Mail online. Wishing them the very best, they look so happy in the photographs the paper shows. I have made a small donation, it isn't much, but if everyone did the same, it would quickly add up.

margaux said...

I went to school with Patrick. So very sad but so hopeful for the two of them! Hope to see you soon, too. Xoxo

Kristen said...

I forgot you lived in Boston, such a sad week. Thanks for the opportunity to give in a personal way.

Ana said...

I am so lucky to live in this area and to have been so minimally affected directly. Our city has such a long road to recovery. I've been donating to as many funds as possible. I truly wish the best recovery possible for your friends.

PaolaeMargherita said...

Here in Italy we followed the tragedy and we are so sad for all the people. I, we don't know how it is possible to transform a sport event in a death event...there are no words to commment about.
The positive points are the helpfull people and the capture of the perpetrators.
We hope that all the people you know will be aible to reclaim their lives and phisical health.

I hope all the best for all of you and a special pray for all the people that have been injured