Friday, April 05, 2013

Like, which of these three yarns  from Green Mt. Spinnery best suits the cardigan idea upon which they are piled?

Or, can I figure out a tank or tee that's going to use both these almost-sweater quantities of cotton in my stash?  Should I go with  colorblocks, a little more stranded design (oh yes, I am hooked on this now), some slipped stitches, or a bit of lace?

Or, which of these yarns might add something new and exciting to the BabyCocktails lineup, and what fibers/weights/colors do I want to play with and add to the Plucky and SHELTER ideas I already have in mind for fall?  I've been moving these little piles around all week, and a trip to Seed Stitch in Salem (a super amazing yarn shop, BTW) yesterday has only added to the pile. 


Then, there are all the decisions circling around an idea I have for a collection and how best to go about publishing it.  Not saying anything else about this one yet, but it's percolating and I'm getting excited.


I also think it may be time to update this here blog so you can find patterns and information without scrolling down the sidebar about 200 yards, and have been planning for that as well. 

And laaaaaastly, I'm working on a few new things for the wholesale end of the business, and once those changes are in place and official, I'll let you all know how you'll be able to find my patterns in your local yarn shop from now on. 


So it's been a week without a lot of actual knitting.   Many of these decisions occupy the mind too much for any sitting still to happen, plus I find I cannot focus & "over-sticky" my stitch dictionaries when I am distracted.  And today is no exception.  Along with future planning comes organization - so Target is calling my name!  A new book and yarn system needs to be in place to hold all those things on the sofa, and my notebooks are full. 


But one decision this week was super easy.

What do you call a deep orangey-red pullover for late spring and early summer?


Cape Cod.

Coming out in late April, early May.  (And since I know you are wondering, that's Plucky Sweater in Karat Stix)


As for drinks this week?  My addled brain has stayed with the classics.   

Beer, Wine and  a little something on the rocks before bed.


Lori Utley said...

I can't wait for Cape Cod. I love that color and what I can see of the design. Keep this great stuff coming!!!

Ellen Mason said...

I'm gonna go lie down.

Kathy said...

Beautiful color!

Laurie said...

I am always up for the wine. Good to see you!

janna said...

Ooohhh.... how about a tank with a little bit of lace? I have a tank's-worth of bamboo yarn in my stash, but the tank I had originally planned to knit now longer appeals....

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see it! That lace pattern is quite evocative of sails!

PaolaeMargherita said...

Oh, well, I'm Paola and I write from Italy, Como and its lake. I follow your blog and I love your style...I don't like drinks, so I can tell nothing about them, sorry!
But how much yarns and are so lucky! I'd like to have these sort of decision to take....unfortunately, this period for Italy, and for me in particular for work, is not very good: too much of responsability and bad decisions etc etc.
But, wow, there is knitting! And your Cape Cod sounds good: I'm waiting for it!
Thnk you very much for your knitting-art and excuse for the much errors I have done?!

Thea said...


Your English is SO much better than my Italian would be, let's say no errors. And how fun to hear from you all the way over in Italy! Beautiful Lake Como - who needs yarn? Ciao!

Hilary said...

A collection? Very exciting! And that yarn is so pretty, I don't think you can go wrong, whatever you decide to do...