Monday, April 29, 2013

  So, when this whole knitting thing began for me, it was about yarn.  A thousand different yarns that could be made into a thousand different things.   And that got me into this subculture we all inhabit.  But as you guys all know,  the yarn is actually an entry drug -  and once you step off the computer into an actual room with your fellow knitters, it isn't only about the yarn anymore, it's really about the people.   

Especially (for me) the two sisters sitting in the back of this U-Haul with their hats and their sweatshirts and their big smiles.  They have created a subculture inside the larger subculture that is Ravelry and the online knitting world, and it's a good place to be.

I'm just back from three days in Michigan at the Plucky Knitter Retreat - and yes, that is some gorgeous yarn, so maybe in this case it's still somewhat about the yarn - an entire room of it in colors that make you gasp - but the real stars of the weekend for me were the knitters.   Some of who I had met in person before - like Jody here in her blue Cape Cod -  and others who I feel like I know so well, but had never been in a room with - like Snow in her green Cape Cod and Jennifer in her yellow Vodka Lemonade.  

 Having the chance to spend actual time with all of the Plucky knitters who were there was such a special experience.  (It was kind of crazy, seeing so many of you guys wearing my sweaters in real life!)  It was great to meet everyone and to hang out and hear about your lives, and to pick yarns in the shop, or think about your projects, or talk about your kids and jobs and drinks, or talk about whatever we talked about.   (And then the bar opened and we began discussing things about chicken anatomy that should never be discussed.)


But then there was knitting class, so in addition to leaning all about birds, I added some more useful information to my repetoire.

 The class I chose was Lorilee Beltman's course on vertical colorwork.  Stay tuned to see how my new vertical skills show up in some stuff for Fall.   It's really fun and totally addicting - and Lorilee is a great instructor with some cool tips and tricks up her sleeves.  

The weekend included a little jaunt out to Lake Michigan, which does not feel like a lake at all.    It's sandy and beachy and you can't see to the other side, which is like 60 miles away or something.  What a gorgeous spot this was - I would love to use this beach for a photo shoot someday.   Like maybe April 2014 - if I could get myself organized to do so.

 Besides the beach and the classes and the meeting of people, there was maybe some yarn shopping.  I have arrived home prepared to knit, don't you worry.   As wonderful as these lovely ladies were, the Plucky yarn could not ever actually be ignored.


  A pile of Primo Sport - Narragansett Gray and Left Coast, paired with Miniature Lilacs and Wintry Mix is to become a stripey something.

This collection of Primo Worsted - I love the bright blue against the navy - is going to be a colorwork cowl.   And I seriously have to thank Jill Zelinsky of Kniterella designs, who is one of those women I had so much fun meeting.  She is super nice and probably will never admit how crazy I drove her with all my second guessing of the dark blue/teal/bright blue conundrum.  Which was never really decided and continually revisited.   The poor girl was a captive audience since her shop table was setup right there next to the Worsted.

Primo Aran in icy Early Light will be a cabled pullover this fall, and Cozy in deep gorgeous Contessa is going to be done in lace, as requested specifically by Snow - Bless Her Little Heart.

 One more batch of Primo Aran in mixed purples, for a second cowl. 

And lastly,  a skein of NEW yarn to play with - just look at the twist on this.   It's the upcoming Plucky Trusty....


 And there is really SO much more I could share -  but I have got to get things done, because NO, my husband did not go to the store when I was gone.  Except to get some lamb chops, which were grilled and eaten on Saturday night.  Yep, really.  Went TO the store, but only got those lamb chops.

So stop by later this week for that post on Amy Herzog's Knit to Flatter - if you haven't seen her new Plucky Sweater design - be sure to take a peek -


Diana said...

Glad you had such a great time,

Savannagal said...

I'm sitting only a few short blocks of Lake Michigan too, though it looks very different from my vantage point in Chicago. Small world, big lake.

AntiquityTravelers said...

looks like a fun trip! never been to lake michigan, but it is supposed to be great! or at least that's what I hear from my beady friends

janna said...

I love Lake Michigan -- you are right, it's very un-lake-like! Also, that pile of purples -- I love those!

janna said...

Oooh - I also wanted to say that going to the grocery store and buying only what is needed at that exact moment is a very man-like thing to do, so not really surprising!

Jackie said...

Would like to go for such retreat. I have recently bought over some plucky yarn. Can't wait to start using them. Isn't it wonderful to meet fellow knitters, and my those lovely yarn is to love for :)

Hilary said...

That. Sounds. Amazing. And look at that yarn haul!!

Kym said...

Wow. I can't believe you were just down the street. . . and I didn't get a chance to meet you. (Clearly, I don't run in the right circles -- because I didn't even hear about the Plucky retreat.) Glad you enjoyed your visit to the lakeshore!

Christina Toppen said...

Please do a photo shoot at the beach in Grand Haven, MI! One of our country's top 5 beaches. Happy you enjoyed your visit to the Big Lake :)