Monday, May 06, 2013

 As a designer,  I often get going on things, only to realize that they are not turning out as planned.   I swatch and  sketch, and knit and then hem and haw and change a thing here or there, but sometimes that nagging voice in my head just turns out to be correct.  As much as I want the elements in an idea to come together, I have to finally cave and realize it's time to revisit the whole thing. 

This was the case with Mimosa.   Love the yarn, love the idea.  But the two together - and the time of year - are not a match.

My oh so lovely perfect buttery-yellow yarn from Spirited Fibers is just not going to lend itself to a lacy, summery, cardigan.  I kept telling myself that the color was perfect and that a cozy cardigan in spring would be just the thing.   But the farther I got into this, the louder that voice in my head was getting.    Buttery yellow, yes.  Cozy, no.

The fabric is squooshy and round and lovely -- but as it knit up, I came to see that I was mixing spring and fall and winter in the same spot.  This yarn wants a pretty substantial, soft and woofy sweater.   It's meant for a big collar and apple picking, with boots and jeans.   Not open lace and shorts and sand.   So it's going back into the skein and will come back next fall.  It will still BE a Mimosa, but a whole different kind of Mimosa.  Winter brunch mimosa.  Fireplace and quiche.


However, I still needed to find a yarn for my summer sweater.  This is a friends on the deck kind of drink, and the season is beginning.  Plus, I am absolutely hooked on this lace and not ready to fold.

So instead, I decided on/went searching for a slightly rustic and not too delicate cotton blend.  It needed to come in a great color, be able to take a really distinct motif, and I was again hoping for a smaller, indie company to work with.   

Enter O-Wool Balance in Peridot.  Love.  It's perfect.

The new yarn has changed more than a few details from the original sketch, but it's summery and light and kind of exactly what works for the lace and the season.  And as for what back deck drink it should be, that was easy.

 I may be a day late for Cinqo de Mayo here on May 6, but it's going to be a Margarita.


Stitched Together said...

I like the changes you have made. I hate it when a dream doesn't work, but when you change it to something better, then it's all worth while.

dianne said...

I like that lace pattern! Especially with the minimal edging. I can't wait to see what I'll be adding to my queue :-)

Anonymous said...

I love margaritas just as much as mimosas :) I can't wait to see what you're working on. I adore all your designs!