Wednesday, May 08, 2013

As I'd mentioned a while back, there are more than a few things going on behind the scenes here at BabyCocktails central.  A few of these changes are fully behind the scenes, and a few of them will be obvious to all of you once they happen.  This one is of particular importance to the yarn store owners out there who carry my patterns, so I guess it's partly behind the curtain, but not entirely.  
 In an effort to ensure that I can keep providing both PDF and print avenues to the shops out there that support me, I've made a move.

As of today, my print patterns are available through a new distributor.  If you are a store owner looking to carry my designs,  you will find me at Stitch Sprouts from now on.  I have a snazzy new designer page over there, off of which you can order your copies.   I'll be adding to the page as time goes on, but for now there are 19 sweater and accessory patterns available.  

And, if you're a knitter who wishes your yarn store would carry print BabyCocktails patterns, feel free to let them know!