Sunday, May 26, 2013

Your Memorial Day weekend may be brighter and sunnier, but here in Boston it's cold and dreary. However, I've found a few things to make the weekend feel a little happier.

One -  Giant Box of Plucky

I've been picking yarns for a thing.  Thinking about what colors go with each other, and what weights work in different projects.  And arranging them in different lines and piles before deciding who gets to go In The Box.  That's kind of pure joy.

Two - Another Drink

I had a few friends over to knit the other night, and decided that I still wanted my warm weather gin.   And really, nothing could have gone better with cupcakes and chili and chips than this.   

Grapefruit -Rosemary Gin and Tonics
2 oz gin
2 oz grapefruit (about)
4-6 oz tonic
sprig of rosemary
a few juniper berries
slice of lime (I added that later!)

Put the gin and grapefruit juice in a glass over ice.  Add tonic and a couple of juniper berries. 
Smash rosemary in your hand before adding to glass, spritz lime once into drink and stir. 
Add lime slice.  And drink. 

Here's hoping tomorrow gets sunnier!


Katja said...

That box full of Plucky has got to cheer up a sad Sunday afternoon! Gorgeous.

Mary said...

...and I'll say that cocktail is likely to cheer up a sad Sunday evening! if I had juniper berries on hand I'd make this now. instead I've added them to my shopping list and opened a bottle of wine. (kind of wishing I had a box of Plucky to be sorting through, too).

PaolaeMargherita said...

I don't know if it's better to take sun and become red as a Voghera tomato (Voghera is an Italian little city famouos for its tomatoes) like me this sunday (finally, the sun came out here, too: it rained for all May!) or, like you, take decisions about your wonderfull yarn box.... Probably, it would be better contemplate yarns and dreaming about them, my skin makes me a little bad!

Paola from Italy (Como)

Anonymous said...

I love knitting specially scarves, so I enjoy to see a lot of colors of yarns.

Kristen said...

I bought some Plucky last week because you love it so much. Also, in Palm Springs I had a Grapefruit and Basil martini. You must know the recipe, do you? I've tried to recreate it with no luck, it was so good. And in sunny California, we had ran on Memorial Day, grrr.

Hilary said...

We had crappy weather, too! Confusing, because last weekend it was about 90. I'm dying to try your gin cocktail (and thank you for sending it!), but we're back in Turlock forgot Neill's gin in SF. :( Wonder if my dad would mind if I raided his liquor cabinet... (Ah, just like when I was home visiting from college...)

Hope you have some sunnier days this week!

Ashley said...

Ah, I had no idea you were located in Boston. I just visited over the weekend. Love that city :)

Oh wow does that cocktail look right up my alley. It's been far too long since I've had a good gin drink on our balcony. Consider it DONE this weekend :) Thanks for the recipe!

Anonymous said...

At least we got a pretty memorial day. The weather's back to crap today though >.<