Monday, May 13, 2013

New Hampshire Sheep and Wool is one of my favorite annual yarn events - pretty small, kind of local, and really, really mellow.   I'll spare you the photos you see from every yarn event  -  full of barns and sheep and yarn and just show you the piece that we added to the Festival.   Beer Pavilion.

A plan was hatched over the internet a few months back  to add our own selections to the refreshments offered.   Each of us brought a big, made-for -sharing beer, and a few cups.   It was definitely worth the effort of carrying a few extra ounces in our bags, and the fairgrounds has a conveniently located selection of unused vending gazebos and porches just ripe for hanging out in.   We met once before lunch, and then had the remainder of the selections with our burgers and dogs.

 It was a pretty perfect break from the sheep and the yarn shopping and I have high expectations for next year.   Plus a few more pavilion attendees.  :)


In terms of yarn shopping however, I need to do a little office-cleaning, The combination of Plucky Retreat, yarn purchasing daytrip to Salem, and this weekend's drive up to New Hampshire have left me with a little space problem over here, and in order to make room for the stuff I plan to knit next, I need to weed out a bit of what's hanging out over here.    

So, yarn sale.

8 skeins Rowan Amy Butler organic DK in Cinnamon.  6 skeins untouched, 2 have been started and rewound.   (131 yds per skein)
 $30, SOLD

3 skeins Elisabeth Lavold Silky Wool in color 48, pale green (192 yds each).  
Plus one skein of Green Mt. Sylvan Spirit in Amythest (180 yds)
$25 SOLD

$30 SOLD

 Frog Tree Alpaca Sport in a dusty lavender - color #82.  5 skeins, two without bands, but unused. (175 yds per skein) 
$20 SOLD

Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in color #137, Empire.  6 skeins, 93 yds per skein.  (I'll also send along the seed stitch mobius cowl I began out of the other 3 skeins if you want to frog it for a full 8 skeins of yarn.)   $25 SOLD
 2 skeins of Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed in color #417, Fleece. (147 yds each)  These are leftover from White Russian! 
$10 SOLD

Two skeins of Valley Yarns Stockbridge - colors I didn't choose for Sambuca.  Terra Cotta and Soft Yellow
 $5 each/$7 for both,  SOLD

If you want to purchase any of these, email me at

To keep this easy, I will accept Paypal only, and take sales on a first come/first served basis, using the email times sent. 


Patty said...

Oh, I want to come to the pavillion. :-)

Nathalie said...

Two things:
1 - I love that beer. We drink it often.
2 - We should do this at Rhinebeck next year since this past year I spent an embarrassing (and unsuccessful) amount of time looking for some decent beer to have with lunch.