Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Time.  

I usually don' t think about Instagram until the end of the day, but  if you want to see where I am around 5 pm, those pics are a good indicator.  Aren't they?  And as we hit the first official day of summer,  I'm realizing that my end of the day pics have a theme.    

The sun is best out front from around 4-7pm, so that's where I migrate.  The writing is done, the swatching is over and the computer has usually just been shut down.   Dinner is on the horizon, but not quite yet.   And these are the rare days when  I don't have to dropoff and pick anybody up.  Instead, I love to bring the knitting out and sit still for a bit.   

  Which, apparently,  I've been doing.  I also apparently like to cross my legs on the coffee table (bad manners).  And, if you don't see the drink on the table, that's because it's balanced over here on the railing next to me.

I did have a couple more of these photos, but you get the idea.   After a long week, it's a double day of finals for the big one, and the little one is coming home from school looking like this, so I'm gonna say the pressure is off in 3rd grade already.   For me,  it's the parental home stretch before summer.   Graduation dress bought, dance setup committee slots signed up for, and end of year gifts in their little bags.

Time for a few drink recipes so you guys can enjoy your porches as well!   

A couple of  easy summer favorites are below:

Bourbon and Ginger

Fill tall glass with ice
Muddle a few mint leaves in the bottom with the ice cubes
Add 2oz Bourbon
Fill remaining glass with ginger ale
Squeeze half a lime in there and add slice


Shiraz Punch

This one is for when you have friends with you -- it's like sangria without the fruit.  
 I've adapted it from a Martha Stewart recipe to make things simpler and a little less sweet.

About 6-8 mint sprigs
1/4 cup of sugar
1 bottles of Shiraz (another light red works just as well)
1.5 liters of club soda  (lemon flavored seltzer does the trick too)
1/2 cup of St. Germain

Combine all ingredients in large pitcher, being sure to smush the mint against the ice to release the flavor.  You can play with this as you like, substituting Cointreau or another sweet liqueur for St Germain or a different type of seltzer for a hint of another flavor.


I hope you get to start your summer off doing whatever you love to do!


Seanna Lea said...

I'm looking forward to the summer, and I don't even have the kids in school to change the rhythm of the days. I will have to make a non-alcoholic equivalent for some of these drinks, because I'm starting to get a wee bit envious of all of the people having the fun drinks while I have water.

Thea said...

Water!? No.

Try some of the fun natural sodas out there - San Pellegrino makes yummy ones, and we have a company named Lizzie's that also does some fancy feeling drinks. Add ice and lime or slices of summer fruit and a few leaves of herbs to 'em.

AntiquityTravelers said...

man that porch (and drink) is sooooo inviting! yaaaaar matey going out to Zoey!

Ellen Mason said...

I think feet on the coffee table is acceptable outdoors. Especially when one is wearing cute sandals and toenail polish. Here's to a great summer!

Dorothy said...

I spent a lovely evening sitting on my porch, working on Margarita and wishing I had one to drink (I had to settle on red wine). It looks like you had a wonderful evening. Happy summer.

CintiSue said...

Love your deck furniture, and colors on cushions. Not coffee table...hassock! What's the beauty in your lap? Lovely soft color. Should study photos and figure it out for myself - but got lazy mind with heat today. Besides I am doing the "some assembly required" thing with my new deck furniture. Not going too badly but getting sticky out there, and flies biting. Yup would bet on pop-up showers today. Bet your wee ones (relatively speaking) need to share your deck spot for de-compression. Enjoy!

Hilary said...

These photos look so relaaaaaxing. As I am still furiously working on the house and not yet able to enjoy the summer weather/drinking, I'm just going to live vicariously through you in these photos for now.

P.S. I missed you in Columbus last weekend!

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