Monday, August 19, 2013

I know I left off a specific drink recipe when I launched my collection a couple of days ago - I felt like I already had a ton of information to pack into one blog post, and thought I would space the drinks out for you.  So - never fear,  I DO have drinks up my sleeve. 

Like this one, which features a soda you may have never seen before, called Chinotto.   It has a distinct flavor, kind of like cola and kind of like orange, but really not like either.  To be honest, I'm not sure I  would be drinking the stuff straight too often, but as soon as I tried it I knew it would make a really interesting cocktail, and it did.  We tried it with a little gin and a bit of orange, and then we - my friend Emily and I - were only bummed we didn't have a few more of these little bottles.   I will fix that soon.

Chinotto Cocktail

2 oz gin
squeeze of tangerine, slice
shot of orange bitters

Pour gin in a tall glass over ice.  Squeeze a slice of tangerine over the ice and add a couple shakes of orange bitters.  Mix. Pour Chinotto to fill glass. 

As for the knitted mixers,  Zoe has been dying for her own 7Up hat ever since she saw the original.  I happened to have a skein of Primo in Headboard lying around, and it's absolutely perfect. It's going to match Zoe's backpack, and she's been trying it on happily every time I put it down, so I think she will be all set.  

You can see her coming in to check on my progress in the photo.   She's a harsh taskmaster, that one. 

Maya is dying for a Black Tea, and she wants it in this gorgeous pale green yarn from Sandra of Duck Duck Wool.  She's been eyeing it in my pile for a few days now.   The color is called Wear Your Mittens, and it's a perfect ice green.  I'm psyched to see how Black Tea will look in such a cool, bright color, and I think it will look great against her dark hair.  Sandra is one of my usual test knitters who has branched out into a bit of dyeing and a few of us are quietly acquiring a bit of stash in her soft, vivid skeins.  Mmmmm.  I've even got a few to design something with later this fall!  

So anyways, these two hats are about ready to go with me to NYC for a few days - along with a sleeve in Plucky Cozy.  It's like a vacation when I knit without writing :)  When I get back, I'll add another drink or two to the list.   Have a good week!


Sandra said...

Have a fantastic time!! And I am honored to say I am a groupie of Maya's fashion choices b/c I set aside a skein of Wear Your Mittens for a Black Tea too!