Thursday, August 15, 2013

Almost end of summer, yes?  I've got a couple of weeks left over here, and have been chugging along on a project in Shalimar Yarn's lovely Enzo Worsted.   It's a really simple design, but when you do something simple, it turns out that the littlest bits can make a big impact.

So there has been a bit of re-knitting around here.  My sleeves no longer look like this.   Well, maybe a little bit, but not exactly.  The balance is all different now.   It's funny how a small change alters the whole feel of the thing, but it does.  The details that seem so sublte, actually are not.  

So, yes, this piece has had a few revisits, it's not looking like it did in the beginning at all. (and may benefit from a little blocking, dontcha think?)

Plus, in the new lesson dept, I've found that I REALLY hate tinking back from the cast on row.  That no longer looks like it did a few weeks back either.   But in the end, the new details are just about right.  Balance is back, fit is good.  Design on the fly, this one. 

And I AM - no matter what - sticking with this.   There will be no revisit of the entire yoke, thankfully.  

With all that reknitting, I'm thinking summer's a great time for a lot of stockinette, don't you agree?  I'm not usually a stockinette girl, but I see it's got some value here.  And it's going to make a really great basic once this guy is all figured out and written.  Not quite there yet, though.

As long as I have you, I probably owe you a drink!  Something summery, too.  Yesterday was Craig's last day in the office for the forseeable future, so we needed a little something to mark the occasion..  And really, what better excuse for a tequila buffet than getting laid off?

The two best combos were:

1. lemonade, sliced limes and tangerine, and tequila over ice.
2. The grapefruit italian soda, lime, triple sec and tequila over ice.

We only tried a few, since I had to drop him off at the airport at 6am this morning.  He's off to Los Angeles for a family wedding, and the girls and I get a ladies only weekend here at home. :)   


erin m. said...

You made a Paloma, my fave tequila drink!