Saturday, October 12, 2013

did I manage to forget about an entire sweater?  No, really, you know you have a problem when, right?  I was going through my office and found this sweater in a flat plastic container under my desk.  I think it's like the knitter's version of discovering a $20 bill in your jacket pocket after you switch your closet over for the winter.  And for me, it's an office-cleaning bonus!

Once I saw it, I totally remembered, but how could I have forgotten that it existed for almost a year?  As I recall,  I was hitting a wall about the collar, so I had put it aside for a few days to think - and must have been distracted by another design (Chocolate Stout? Baileys?).  Way distracted, right?   Lucky for me, the sweater was folded neatly in the box with a bunch of buttons, an extra skein of Quince and Co. Lark (which is really lovely stuff), and all the notes I'd taken. Thank you, past self, for being so uncharacteristically organized.  Now I just need to finish up that collar and weave those ends, and think about sewing on the buttons. 

I even like it :)

In other news, it may seem like there's been a lull around here, but I promise you it's just on the publishing end.  My chair is full and there are a few things in testing, so get your needles ready.  Late October and November should see a few new patterns hitting the road.   And that dark burgundy one?  It may be my favorite sweater EVER.  Yep, ever.

For now though, Rhinebeck is looming in the distance (this time next week, house of awesome friends, weekend of fibery goodness, I can barely wait!!!).

However, this weekend is less knitty - Yesterday I met my good friend Erin's NEW BABY, which was awesome and she is the cutest little thing you've ever seen.  Instead of knitting, there was snuggling.  And today I am off to meet a few old college friends for the day.  They do not knit, but they do drink.  :)   Tomorrow, my cousins come in from Denmark for the rest of the weekend.  They leave Tuesday, and I go to Rhinebeck on Thursday.   fun, fun, fun.

Once I get back from NY, you will be hearing lots more from over here.   Starting with that gray textured number on top.

It's a smooshy, cozy cowl. 

2 skeins of Plucky Aran Traveler, since I know you'll ask.  She's even having an update -- Monday, 9am Eastern on the Plucky Blog!   Details are here.

Happy weekend everybody!!


AntiquityTravelers said...

Knitting needles are poised here ... but only with lobsters since they are the only ones who knit at my house!

enjoy the relatives and travels!

Emily said...

I just did a fall cleaning. It is scary how many unfinished sweaters I found! They just seemed to get stashed away when something more exciting comes along!

Hilary said...

A $20? More like a $100 bill! That's awesome. And it looks really pretty, too! Looking forward to seeing your new releases! The cowl is just about the coziest thing I have EVER seen.

Kristen said...

Can't wait to see your most favorite sweater ever!

PaolaeMargherita said...

Here in Como (Italy) we are waiting for your next models for this winter season! I'd like to found a quite finish sweater under my desk, but I work on a knit work once at a, under my desk there is only the work I'm knitting on. You are a multi-tasking knitting woman! Excuse for the english!! Bye!