Monday, November 25, 2013

Introducing my latest collaboration with the Plucky Knitter -  Brandied Cherry!

Brandied Cherry is my version of the classic drop shoulder sweater, and it's cozy and soft and loose and cabled.  I wanted to lose some of the boxiness that's often associated with this type of construction and make something a little different, a bit more feminine, and a lot more detailed than the usual suspects.  

So, a varied mix of cables and ribs ensures that the sweater will skim your curves just a bit, while remaining loose and easy.  A repeat of slender cables and single ribs plays off of more complex motifs featured on the front, back, and sleeves -- centering the focus and keeping your knitting interesting.  It's still a loose sweater, but the vertical details are defined as they fall on your body and they create some lovely, flattering lines.


A modified drop shoulder adds a little extra shaping, and a deeply curved ballet neckline is another feminine touch. 

Seaming is simple, since you are working with mostly straight lines and the ribs allow you to see your edges clearly.  As always, there are places where you can modify your sweater for side shaping, length, width, or even a different neckline depth, and I've pointed them out in the instructions. 

Lastly, the Plucky Cozy is just perfect in this. I may be deeply in love with this stuff - and in the chicken-egg way of things, the yarn came first this time.  I saw it and loved it and had to knit with it.  

Cozy is a decadent mix of baby camel and merino that's unlike almost any other yarn I've used.  With some kind of plucky magic, Sarah has created a fiber that looks thick and substantial but feels surprisingly light and delicate.  A dream to knit with.  Again, I'm a bit biased, but I am a FAN.  

But, there's more than one amazing Plucky yarn out there. So we had a sample knit up in Primo Aran as well.  The Aran is also gorgeous in the cables and lovely to wear.


For anybody paying attention, that means I have TWO of these.  But it's a good thing we knit the second one up, because although the two sweaters are spot on for gauge lying flat -- when worn, they fit differently.  The lightness of the Cozy makes for very little drape, and allows for extra ease.  In Primo (and many other yarns), you don't want that ease.  Be sure to read the notes for the type of yarn you choose when picking your size and you will be all set, either way.

By the way, I love them both :)

For those of you with yarn in hand, the pattern is available for $6.50 on the Pattern Page here at the blog, or you can find it on Ravelry.   Test knits and more details can be seen on the Rav page.

For those of you who want to get your hands on a sweaters worth of Plucky Cozy or Primo Aran to knit yours in,  Sarah is having an update on Tuesday November 26th at 8pm EST, on the Plucky Knitter Blog.  More information can be found on the Plucky Knitter blog or in the Plucky Ravelry group if you are unsure how these updates go.

If you purchase a kit, you are buying a sweaters worth of either Cozy or Primo Aran, custom dyed in one of these gorgeous colorways, just for you!  You'll also receive a coupon code via email (about 24-48 hours after the update) that will allow you to purchase your Brandied Cherry pattern from Ravelry for the special kit price of $4.00.

Note that the yarn is dyed just for you, and takes a little time.  It will ship around January 6th.  The update will be live as long as inventory remains and Sarah works hard to have as much yarn as possible on hand!  A few important sweater details are below, and the rest of the info can be found on the Ravelry page.


Yarn:  The Plucky Knitter Cozy, 260 yds per skein, 110 grams per skein.  Primo Aran, 200 yds per skein, 110 grams per skein.  1250(1350,1450,1550,1650) (1750,1850,1950,2050) yards

Needles: US#8/5mm and US#7/4.5mm needles.

Sizing:  35(37,41,43,47)(49,53,55,59)” Size based on final blocked fabric laid flat.  Sweater shown with approx. 7” of ease in Cozy.  If using Primo Aran, pick a size with about 4" of ease.

Gauge:  Width of 7 stitch repeat of the single cable/twisted rib repeat in pattern = 1.5”, 7 rows per 1”.  Gauge calculated after blocking.


And of course, there's a drink! Luxardo Cherry Liqueur seems about right for this sweater. 

To be honest, my favorite way to have this stuff is over ice cream, but in the spirit of the knitting - cocktail blog, below are two different ways to use it in a proper drink.   

One's cool and lemony and refreshing:


1.5 oz of gin
2 tsp of cherry liqueur
.5 oz lemon juice
1 tsp creme de violette

Shake gin, liqueur and lemon juice in jigger with ice.  Strain into martini glass and add creme de violette, garnish with lemon twist. 

And the other is a little deeper and smoother:


2 oz dark rum
.5 oz cherry liqueur
2 shakes of orange bitters

Add ingredients to glass and stir with 1 ice cube.  Garnish with orange twist. 



Christine said...

What a beautiful design. The yarn just goes so perfectly with it.

Kelley said...

A simply stunning sweater. And what a cunning design taking advantage of the qualities of knit stitches like the ribbing and the cabling. Love the neckline. So feminine. Thank you for all the effort you put into this pattern. It is definitely on my "knit as soon as possible" list.

Seanna Lea said...

This sweater looks awesome. I am coming to this late, but I don't see any options to buy the yarn on the Plucky Knitter site.

Thea said...

Seanna Lea, You can either check on the Plucky Destash Thread in The Plucky Knitter Ravelry group for a quick purchase or tune in to her update thread see when the next update will be. And if it's not meant to be Plucky, a few people have thrown out good sub options in my thread as well! Think nice thick worsted... Thanks, me

Sally said...

I love this sweater, and so very many of your other patterns, but this comment is actually about the kitchen tile backsplash in the background of the drink photo. I absolutely love it. Do you perhaps have the name of the tile or where it can be purchased? And, could you possibly use it in a future sweater motif?!! Did I mention I really love it?! Thanks.