Sunday, November 03, 2013

A day at the outdoor sculpture museum with some friends and their babies and a bunch of knitwear 

is going to mean some photos.

Maya was dying for me to take these so that she could actually have the sweater that I made for her.  And she couldn't have it until the photos were taken, so she was super cooperative at the museum and worked it like a professional.  Now her job is done and her sweater is her own and she's off with her buddies wearing it again today. 

And she kind of rocks it, so although you guys know I'm usually just teasing you with shots that don't show a thing before I get the sweaters finished,  I don't mind ONE BIT if you see these while I'm still writing.  The yarn, since a few of you have asked is Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky from WEBS.

And btw -- there are a few details that you can't see in these shots, so I still have some secrets.

In addition to Maya's sweater and Black Tea hat, this design got some photo love at the museum.

My friend Margaux - who you guys probably know as Tentenknits - made this colorblock beauty, called the Kendi sweater. She'd already wore it to Rhinebeck, but it was in need of a proper photoshoot. 

And we thought it would look pretty cool with this neon installation on the roofdeck atrium.

It was kind of like a human carwash.  She has a whole bunch of photos, so stay tuned and I'm sure they will pop up soon on her blog.  Except the ones with the dancing.  The fringe makes you think disco, it does.  But she may decide to keep those to herself...

Besides that, it was a weekend full of pumpkin beers that needed post-Halloween finishing and a few of these.  These are good - and worth trying!

I don't think they have a name, since we kind of made them up.  They may exist somewhere, but we invented them based on what was in the cupboard.  It's a ginger-lemon-bourbon thing that turned out REALLY well on Friday when my friend Cristina stopped by.   She's the one that introduced me to the good ginger liquor that's in it, so it was fitting that she was my tester :) 

2 oz bourbon
1.5 oz Domaine de Canton ginger liquor
2 shakes lemon bitters
slice of lemon, and a good squeeze of juice
lemon seltzer

Put the bourbon, ginger liquor, bitters, lemon juice and slice in glass and stir around. 
Add 3 ice cubes
Fill with about 4 oz of lemon seltzer.

And that purple stuff next to the drink?  That's a single ply DK from Ball and Skein called Lyra.  It's an alpaca, merino and silk mix and it's just beautifully dyed in a thousand vareigated shades of purple.  I don't usually play with yarn like this, but I am loving it.

You will see more of this soon -- after I finish writing up Maya's sweater... first things first, yes?

Hope you guys had a good weekend too!

And PS - It's November, and as promised, the With A Splash Of designs are now all available as single downloads on Ravelry for those of you who did not want to purchase the whole collection.  All 7 designs are now also listed as single PDFs for $6.00.   And the collection is still available as well if you do want them all for $21.00.  Happy Holiday Knitting!!


Sandra said...

Done. I'm toast. Must knit that Maya sweater as soon as it's available--absolutely love it. (And my goodness, your daughter is beautiful! Beautiful shots.)

Deb said...

Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous. And the sweater is fabulous too!