Thursday, November 21, 2013

I figure it's about time I added some booze back into the rotation around here, so I've been trolling the internets for a few holiday recipes to share before the time is upon us.  One of my favorite things to do when I have a big family dinner is to start with a big bowl of punch.  And I love using my knitting universe-provided punch bowl ;) 

Thanks again Barbara!  (In creating that link and finding the picture, it was fun to look back at the old blog post.  We were moving into this house and my kitchen was in the works, and my office was still paneled, and a bathtub is visible back there, living in my living room as it did all summer.  Plus, it looks like I was working on Vodka Gimlet....)

Anyways, this recipe comes from Martha Stewart.  It's surprisingly easy, really pretty and promises to make for a fun family dinner.   I have pirated her photo, complete with  Smoked Trout Toasts - but I plan on making just the beverage.  Feel free to google the Trout Toasts if you are in the mood.

Amaretto Bourbon Punch


5 cups of seltzer
4 cups of bourbon
2 cups of lemon juice (about 16 lemons, thanks Martha)
2 cups of sparkling apple juice
1 cup simple syrup (I'd go with about 3/4 though and add if you want more sweet)
3/4 cup amaretto
ice cubes
lemon slices and maraschino cherries for garnish


Combine seltzer, bourbon, apple and lemon juices, simple syrup and amaretto in a giant punch bowl. Add ice.   Garnish with lemon slices and cherries.

She's added a rim of sugar as well, but it wasn't included in the main recipe page.  I think you could leave that off for a big dinner - esp since you may be having appetizers while sipping this one.


I have a few more recipes I've pulled and will share them as the days go by (and add them to the recipe page).  Things on the blog have been a bit quiet, maybe some cocktails are what's needed? 


Barb T. said...

Oh, it is good to see the old punch bowl! Thea, if I had it still it would be boxed up who knows where!
I went to Rhinebeck this year at the last moment. On the road north of Portland, I thought, oh, I bet I could find Thea and give her the big serving platter and extra mug, but I hadn't even thought to bring it. Maybe next year; Rhinebeck will be a yearly pilgrimage from now on.
I am so thrilled to see all of your knitting success. Keep up all of your fantastic work.

Thea said...

Barbara, you are so awesome! Will have to find you next year and say hello - I can have a treat for you too, this time :)

Anonymous said...

A little off-topic: Just saw an article "Why Add Bitters to a Cocktail" and thought of you. You probably know all of it, but I thought it was interesting...Anyway, I'm looking forward to your upcoming new patterns! (Here's the link, if you're curious )
Happy Thanksgiving!