Sunday, January 05, 2014

the year with a little Plucky.

It seems about right, doesn't it? 

Keep your eyes out for this pattern later next week.  (First, everybody needs to go back to school and work so I can concentrate, and Sarah needs to be back in the studio so you guys can get yourselves some yarn.)  All that's required for this one are 2 skeins of Primo Sport and the desire to knit a little lace.  There's a story behind it, and I'll share that when the pattern is ready.   And PS, the name of the pattern is Bastille.

As for the rest of 2014,  I see everybody else putting down their plans and suspect I should too.

You may have realize that I have definitely been bit by the accessories bug, so you will continue to see a lot of cowls and  hats and mitts peppered in with the sweaters around here from now on.  One of my goals last year was to branch out and do more accessories and honestly, they have been way more addictive rewarding than I expected!

Sweaters are not going away, but I am loving the instant gratification and lack of sizing involved in cowls and hats and mitts.   Plus, it's awesome to use almost any stitch pattern I want without worrying about seams or fit and all the other sweater-like things that often muck up the gears. The smaller projects are using up my stray skeins pretty quickly - and they're fun - so I hope you like making them as much as I am loving designing them.

In addition to more accessory designs, I am also planning to branch out a little this year in terms of the type of sweaters I'm working on.  I have some menswear ideas in the works, and a collection of kids things on the radar.   Because really, how many sweaters can one girl own?  It's time to reward the patience of the other members of this household, who have been watching me knit non-stop for the past few years, while silently (or not so silently) hoping for a bone.

The first bone will be Maya's Mango Smoothie, which is almost done in testing and should release mid-January.   (The yarn on this one is WEBS Berkshire Bulky - great stuff, comes in like a thousand colors and a serious bargain.)  It's slouchy, textured, and super cozy.   She loves it almost as much as her Black Tea hat.  And she won't let me make myself a gray one, because anything even vaguely resembling twinsies translates into a teenage nightmare. 

In addition to the designs, I'm planning a bit of  knitty traveling in 2014, since I'm teaching some workshops!  Unfortunately, both workshops that I've committed to so far are sold out, but there will be more as time goes on.  The first one is going to be at Slater Mill in Pawtucket, RI.   I'll be at their Knitting Weekend on January 17-19, along with Gudrun Johnston and Ellen Mason.  Then in April, I'll be traveling again with Gudrun to Oregon for Lantern Moon's Annual Retreat on Mt. Hood.  While in Portland, I'll be popping into Twisted for a little visit, and of course I'll be traveling to Michigan for the annual Plucky Shindig.  That's all for now, since I still have to pick and choose my travel and weekend chits wisely, but I am excited to be adding this piece of the puzzle into my repetoire.

So, those are my big resolutions - more accessories, a few new categories of people to knit for, and some teaching. All while keeping the usual sweater pipeline humming (and hopefully managing a bit of laundry and parenting in between.)  We will see how it goes. 

Before I sign off,  I also just want to say Thank You to ALL of you for a really great 2013.  Your constant enthusiasm for my designs and support of my business means the world to me and I love nothing more than seeing your finished knits - your talent is a always such an inspiration!   I hope to keep you happily knitting in 2014 and can't wait to see what you make with my next ideas...  XO  


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and your designs! How awesome that you will be visiting Portland and Twisted, my favorite LYS. The sad thing is that I'm living in San Antonio for the year. What bad timing!

KnitNurd said...

Your daughter is beautiful and looks so much like you! It was deja vu for me as I've raised teenagers too, so that gave me a bit of a chuckle that she won't let you knit one even in a different color. Lol
I love your designs and can hardly wait to see the rest of Bastille!
Have a wonderful knitty new year and enjoy your travels!!!

Suze said...

Yay, kids' designs! I keep wanting to knit smaller versions of your sweaters for my daughter, but somehow a 6yo wearing something called "Irish Coffee" just isn't quite appropriate :) I bet you'll have fun coming up with names!

Kristen said...

Come to California!

Patty said...

Happy New Year Thea! Looking forward to 2014 and more Babycocktails!

Star speckles said...

Love the new scarf :)

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Happy new year! I can't go to Lantern Moon's retreat, but my Thrumbelina slippers are going! (KAL upcoming for retreat peeps) I'd love to meet you at Twisted when you're in town, though. Are you teaching a class, or doing a trunk show, or??? Hope to see you!

Kelley said...

Your resolutions are so inspiring!I have also fallen in love with knitting accessories. Particularly fingerless mitts. Since we are spending are winters in Mexico, I've been considering vests. It does get chilly here and I think vests would be ideal for layering.