Friday, January 24, 2014

I should be working on a button band right now, but to be honest -- I'm just kind of not in the mood.  So this sits, seamed up and waiting until later on tonight.

It's been a busy week following Slater Mill!  Here's the schedule from yesterday alone.  A half day for Maya, due to midterms -- followed by play practice, dentist appointment, a 2 hour break to study for the last tests today, and then guitar.  Overlapping Maya's trip to the dentist was Zoe's pickup from school and dropoff at chorus practice across town. Overlapping the trip back from the dentist was lacrosse, and then overlapping Maya's guitar was Zoe's lacrosse practice, where I have to travel around town and pickup 4 other kids and bring them over.  And I almost forgot about lacrosse because I decided to stop at the liquor store on the way home from the dentist since we are totally out of wine.  Impressive, right?   Or just sad?

But Slater Mill?  Such a fun event.  An entire weekend of knitting.  The trunk show with Ellen and Gudrun was great, Gudrun's presentation about the Shetland Isles made me want to hop on a plane tomorrow, and Ellen's year long project of dresses and matching sweaters is beautiful to see all together.  I loved teaching the workshops, and any nervousness disappeared pretty much the moment the students sat down and started talking. I was lucky to have a wonderful mix of the greatest students on both days.  Sharing my process and going through the workshop with them was a blast.  I absolutely loved it, and plan to do it again next year!

The space at Slater is amazing and inspiring, and just lovely to spend a few days in. The Mill staff is a joy to work with, and made both teachers and participants feel warm and fuzzy the entire weekend.  (Impromptu snacks!).  I think everybody involved had a great time.  Ruth and Bernadette have a ton of great ideas of how to bring the history and creativity of the Mill space to all of you in the coming year, so keep your eyes open, especially if you are local.  I'll have my hand in a few of the projects so you may hear a bit more over here as things develop as well.  The plans are kinda exciting :) 

I only had my phone camera, so excuse the few grainy photos, but you get the idea:

Upstairs, before the Trunk Show -- a whole bunch of my sweaters, displayed on vintage dressmaker dummies, and a beautiful antique drying rack that was living up in the Mill's attic. The rest of the sweaters are lining the pipes above, because I might have too many sweaters all together.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the Marketplace, was Ibisco - my upcoming "date sweater", on display in the Ball and Skein booth.  Judy had a whole shelf of LYRA dyed up and ready to go (that pale bluish gray was to die for) -- and she's now taken my sample on the road to her next few shows - including Freeport ME, Pittsburgh PA, Conn Sheep and Wool,  and New Hampshire Sheep and Wool.  I did wear it on Friday night, but since I don't have any actual dates coming up for a bit, I figured I could let it go traveling.

I take that back - I did have one last date planned after the sweater left my possesion.

Arriving home on Sunday, I took Maya and her buddy to see Bastille in a real concert at a club in Boston on Monday night (I'm finally rounding out and ending the whole Bastille blog chapter here, I promise.)  It was a great spot to see them - a pretty small club venue where we could get front row railing spots on the balcony and be this close.  For just one moment, he looked up, she waved in a little semicircle at him on the railing, and he smiled back.  Not as personal as the private concert in the park, but the kid is going to be in for a shocking disappointment when she sees a band at some giant stadium someday and the band is a tiny dot in the distance and she's in the middle of a thousand other fans.  And yes, for those of you paying attention, I took her to a concert the night before her midterms week began.  We bought the tickets long ago and had no idea.

But she studied all weekend while I was at Slater, and we both really did want to go.
I'm a bit of a sucker.

Have a good weekend, and I'll finish up that button band in a bit.


Suze said...

You're the best mom ever!
My kids are too young for this kind of fandom, but I would totally do that :)

Judy said...

Can't wait to see this one completed! So glad the girls and their busy lives are coming first tho!!

Anonymous said...

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Kris Mo said...

Thank you for your Bastille fan-dom...they were on TV the other night (have no idea on what). My husband thought they were pretty good, and I said I knew about them from a knitting blog. I'm not sure if "knowing Bastille" cool points were counteracted by "knitting blog"....