Thursday, March 13, 2014

Paloma is the perfect cardigan for transition weather.  You know those days when it still feels like Winter, but it looks like Spring - and you are dying to take off your drab gear and look like Spring too?

Well, this looks like Spring to me! It's warm and cozy, knit in a color that just begs for a delicate top beneath and some sunshine up above.  The classic shape and easy fit make for a cardigan that goes with just about anything and is way more fun to wear than the down vest or a zipper fleece you usually grab this time of year.

I love how O-Wool's organic merino takes a seed stitch, and I really love how the texture pops in a pale color like this Desert Blush.  I've added a few details that play with the motif, such as single ribs that interrupt the texture (see them on the pockets?) and bold side seams that add a little contrast.

I also placed more delicate seams along the shoulders to contrast again, while adding a distinct line at the shoulders to balance the slouchy silhouette with a "tailored" accent.  Plus, many of you will like that these seam details make sewing the sweater together a piece of cake.

I also had a little fun working with the transition between ribbing and body.  A little negative space made those ribs pop right up. 

My last detail to share is maybe my favorite detail in the entire project -- pockets!  Big enough for hands, accented with single ribs, with a contrasting stockinette inner panel.  Can you tell I was having fun while designing this one?  I was, and I hope you all like it as much as I do.

This is my second design using O-Wool and I really, really love both the yarns and the company behind the product here.  Jocelyn Tunney runs her business with a passion for both historical and environmental sustainability that makes me feel great about using her products.  Do you know that these skeins are wound in Kensington, PA by a local Philadelphia craftsman who's been working in the mills since his teens, and it's then dyed in an another 1885 mill in Germantown, outside the city?   This is how to keep mills going, and how to keep history and craft alive, and it takes a real commitment to do so.  You can read more about O-Wool here, but I just love those facts.  

You will love that the Legacy is a gorgeous 3ply merino, soft and round and not too heavy.  It's amazing to work with and it comes in a whole rainbow of really lovely colors.

The pattern is available on Ravelry for $7.00 and will also be up on the patterns page here.

Some details are below and the rest are on the Ravelry page for Paloma.  Cristina is wearing the sweater with about 4" of ease, based on finished bust width. 

Yarn:  O-Wool Legacy Bulky, 106 yds per sk. 900(950,1050,1150,1250)(1350,1450,1550,1650) yds
Needles:  US #10.5/6.5mm, or size to get gauge.  I suggest long circs.
Sizes:  36.5(38.5, 41.25, 43.5,45.25)(47, 51.25, 53.25, 56)" based on finished bust measurement.
Gauge:  3 sts/5 rows in 1" textured swatch, based on finished blocked fabric.

The cocktail that goes with this one is awesome.   Springy and refreshing, and it involves one of my favorite things to mix with - grapefruit juice.  Many Paloma recipes call for a grapefruit soda like Squirt or Jarritos, but I wanted pink, and a little less sweet, so I went with a mix of actual pink grapefruit juice and San Pellegrino, about 2/1 so I had the color.  You can salt the rim first or not.

1 can San Pellegrino Pomelo
1 fresh pink grapefruit
salt if desired
crushed ice (I think it's more festive)

Combine 3/1 San Pellegrino Pomelo and fresh pink grapefruit juice in glass.  (about 4 oz/2 oz)
Add 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice in glass.
Pour in 2 oz tequila, add ice
Garnish with grapefruit wedge or lime (since you have both on hand)



Dayana Knits said...

Lucky me, I have some Pomelo in the fridge! Now just to get some O-Wool Bulky in the stash. :)

Anonymous said...

The model is so adorable, I must knit this! xxxc

Thea said...

Yes she is.

Dominique Martin said...

That is it. In love. Honest, this is the ultimate april cardi.

monica said...

it is like the first peach flower after the winter ...

Kristen said...

You've created another great one!

Hilary said...

I swear, I have been thinking about this sweater since you first posted photos of it! (I am obsessed with making it in lavender.) Oh how I wish I could just order the yarn and pattern and it would somehow knit itself on its way to my house... Brilliant design, Thea!