Friday, April 11, 2014

Introducing Blackberry Bramble, a cozy cowl that's a great excuse to match up some colors and play.  I knit this in Plucky Knitter Primo Aran, pairing Webster Grove with Miniature Lilacs - and then adding just a shot of Princess Phone for fun.  With Sarah's colors, the possibilities for color combos are kind of endless...

It's a simple design with just a few tweaks.  I worked the length of the colorwork sections off-kilter so they don't match exactly if lined up, and I alternated the colors in the solid sections to add a little contrast as well.  Plus, a little row of unexpected dots adds a pop of surprise color on one side, which I love.

The motif I used for the colorwork is from MaryJane Mucklestone's directory of 150 Scandinavian Motifs, and it's absolutely addictive.  I love how it's round and geometric at the same time, and it is has a nice rhythm to it, so once you begin, its very easy to knit up.  The repeat reminds me a little of Moorish tile, and I love how it looked in two shades of the same color (purple).  MaryJane's books are so much fun to go through, and a great resource for anybody who likes to play with color -  so, if you don't have one of them already, and you like this stuff, you should grab one.  

The pattern is available for $5.00 on Ravelry, or soon - on the pattern page here on my blog. A few details about the cowl are below, and the rest of the details can be found on the Ravelry page.  

Although I knit this in Sarah's Primo Aran, you can easily make one out of Scholar, or Primo Worsted, or Trusty, or Traveler, or almost any of the other Sport-Worsted-Aran bases in the Plucky family.  It is easy to adjust the math in this design for another weight yarn, and directions are given in the pattern. 

Yarn:  600/800 yards Plucky Knitter Primo Aran.  Shown in Minature Lilacs, Webster Grove and Princess Phone.  (2 skeins each color, plus just a bit of the third accent color)

Sizes:  16" x 43.75 (51.25)" Directions are given to modify for other bases or weights of yarn. 

Gauge:  more detailed info is in pattern,  5 st/7 rows per 1", and again, easy to modify. 

Needles:  US #7/4.5mm and US #8/5mm circular needles, or size to match gauge.


These lovely photos were taken last weekend, while at Lantern Moon's Second Annual Retreat.  Gudrun Johnston and I were lucky enough to be invited up to teach for for a few days at the Timberline Lodge, which is a gorgeous ski lodge on the top of Mt. Hood.  Think giant fireplaces, lots of wooden beams and carvings, big cozy chairs, and snow. So much snow.  I'll go into the whole weekend in another post, but for now, know that the charming models for this design are a few of the amazing knitters that I got to spend my weekend with.

Sonia (in the yellow sweater) owns Stash, a great yarn shop in Corvallis, OR and Shannon (the smiling blonde) is the unofficial cheerleader for the Lantern Moon team, based in Portland.  (see that yarn in her hands?  That's their new Indochine, which is just gorgeous.)  And together, they are so much fun.  Maybe not champion ping pong players, but so much fun.

I have lots more to say about Lantern Moon, and the hotel, and the weekend - plus a little giveaway for you guys.  However, I am waiting for a box to arrive so I can add the appropriate photos and I feel I've probably said almost enough for one post as it stands.  

About that drink?  We were up in the Raven's Nest bar at the lodge and had just been introduced to the Blackberry Bramble cocktail before I took these photos, so the cowl got a name.  Here's the real thing, below.  It was good and I may have ordered it more than once as the weekend went on. 

The cocktail is made from cucumber vodka, with blackberry puree, and a dash of thyme syrup.  And it's served with a slice of cucumber on top.  I need to play with the ingredients to try and recreate it, but if you are just a bit resourceful and have a muddler handy, I'm thinking you can do the same.

Or go to the Lodge.  It may just be worth the trip.

More soon!  I promise.


Hilary said...

Oh my goodness, this color combination could not be prettier. And the little pop of green! Love. What great photos, too...the retreat sounds amazing.

Cassandra Wong said...

The retreat looks so fun. Wish I could have gone. The lantern moon needles, little case is precious would love to own one

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