Thursday, June 12, 2014

Shaken or Stirred is a sweater that you can play with in so many ways.  It's simple and versatile and just a little addictive if you happen to have a stash of Sport on hand...  (I've knit two already)

This is an easy cardigan with a classic look, featuring a unique collar and just a bit of colorwork.   Both the details and the sport weight yarn are delicate, making it a perfect late Summer/early Fall sweater that will go with shorts and a tank as easily as jeans and boots.  It's basic by-the-water  or on-vacation knitting, with seamless construction, lots of stockinette, and a simple mix of stripes -- accented by a 5-row design from Mary Jane Mucklestone's collection of 200 Fair Isle Motifs.   You've heard me mention MJ's books before, and once again I'll tell you that if  you want to play with colorwork, you need one (or two) of her collections.

The narrow shawl collar is worked in garter stitch with a garter rib center, which makes for a distinct border around the fold that I just love.  The stitch patterns kind of play off one another with the border peeking out from below around the neck, emphasizing the different textures. It's a fun collar to knit, and I think the effect is kind of cool.

But the real beauty of this design is the way in which you guys can play with it.  My overall plan with this cardigan was to create a basic sweater pattern that could be customized and modified at will,  depending on what you had in stash and what you wanted to wear.  Just look at the test knits once they pop up on Ravelry!

So, yes - modifications are simple and you know I've added notes throughout the pattern.  It's knitted from the top down with contiguous shaping at the shoulders, so length or width throughout the sweater can be adjusted easily as you go.  Depending on what you have for accent colors, you can knit the colorwork as designed or add your own design.  You can  play with this motif, add or remove stripes, change the placement of the entire panel, or even change the main color when you run out of yarn and must knit from stash (see my second knit below, which I'm calling Stirred).  I totally ran out of Left Coast, so finished the sweater in Message in a Bottle, creating a pale green block at bottom.

Like a martini - the options are endless!  Gin, vodka, shaken, sitrred, olives, onions....

The pattern is available for $7.00 on Ravelry or on my Patterns Page here on the blog.  Some details are below and the rest of the information, plus all the test knits, can be found on Ravelry.


Yarn:  The Plucky Knitter Primo Sport, 275 yards per skein. 1100(1150,1200,1250,1300,1350)(1400,1450,1500,1550,1600,1650) yards of main color.  Plus, about 50 yards ea of 3 accent colors. 
Shown in:  MC, Wintry Mix  AC:  Left Coast, Narragansett Gray, and Sticky Toffee

Sizes:  33.5(35.5,36.25,39.5,40.75,43)(45.25,46.5,48.75,52,53.5,55) Finished width around bust.  Worn with 2.25" ease in photos, but this classic shape can be worn with more or less ease if a different silhouette is desired. 

Gauge:  5.5 sts, 8 rows per 1" in stockinette, 5 sts, 8 rows per 1" in garter stitch. 

For those of you looking to get your hands on some Primo Sport to knit yours, there will be a Plucky Knitter Update soon.  Sarah is moving into a new space this week, and timing on the update will be announced when they have things settled.  In the meantime you can evaluate what you will need and what goes best with the colors you may have!  Check the Plucky board on Ravelry for any announcements.

Have SO much fun with this!   As for cocktails, below is a whole list of martini variations you can play with if you want - shake or stir 'em. 


Lisa G. said...

Very pretty!

Savannagal said...

I really like this cardigan. It's just my style. Not fussy or overly complicated. I like the classic simplicity. But I love the twist on the collar. It's the little details (though that one is a bit bigger) that really make the garment. Really lovely.