Monday, June 02, 2014

So, it finally, finally feels like June around here.  New England has been waiting so patiently for some sunshine and flowers and warmth, and we're getting it.  My kids may still have a month of school left (thank you January snowstorms....) but that means I have a month left to work on the deck and plan things.

And I'm a sucker for the planning - especially when it means day trips around here. I love me a "best beaches" or "hidden treasures" or "10 festivals not to miss this summer" article.  So when I saw this at the bookstore last week, I snatched it up and went home to flip through while working on some cables.

I immediately gravitate to the trips up North when I get these magazines, so I was doubly pleased when I flipped it open to an article all about sheep shearing off the coast of Maine with gorgeous photos taken by Gale Zucker! And it was totally kismet-y because I'd just been thinking about Gale and her gorgeous photos and emailing about my own trip up to Portland, ME that morning.  So I'm pretty sure the universe wanted me to blog about it.  Hence this Monday AM post with my coffee.

So, there is this amazing place in Portland called A Gathering of Stitches - which is a "making" space for fiber and textile craftspeople".   And what that means is that it's a space dedicated to all of us - they have spaces and equipment and resources for the fiber community to use, and they host all kinds of classes and workshops and events in a number of crafty disciplines.  I think it's brilliant.

And I had just been discussing the Gale's workshops when I opened that magazine.  She's doing a weekend of classes the last weekend in June.  I always think she brings such personality into all of her shots.   Have you seen what she did at Rhinebeck?  This montage of portraits from the Festival may be one of my favorite things ever.  You can't watch it without smiling.  She gets us all.

And even in a still shot, she creates something cool:

Anyways, I hear through the grapevine that there is a spot or two left over that weekend,  and I know it will be a great experience for all involved.  That personality in her work comes from somewhere real -  she is not only talented, but warm and funny and engaging in person - I know this for a fact, since we've hung out - and maybe had a drink or two over dinner. 

But I should probably mention my class, don't you think?

I'll be teaching a Design Workshop where I take you guys through my own design process, talk about yarn and stitch patterns and construction and details and what to think about/how to put it all together. As we go through the steps, you'll be working on a little something with yarn from stash that you'd been dying to use up, and when it's all done, you have marching orders to design your own cowl.  I've taught this a few times now and it's just fun, I promise.

October 4th, and the page is up to register already.

So that's one trip up to Portland I've managed to wrangle together - now I just have to work in one of these and I'll be all set.  Happy Monday, people.  I'll check back in soon.