Wednesday, July 09, 2014

I'll be here:

The girls are at sleepaway and Craig is off shooting television commercials of NFL players, so Melissa and I are going to Cape Cod for a couple of days before picking Zoe up at camp.  I bribed a few friends of mine (after a few drinks) to help me put the kayaks on the car at about 10 pm last night (I will recheck those carefully this morning before driving off...).    I remembered the beach chair, a book, my knitting, and even my bike helmet.   The trip was originally a romantic getaway for Craig and I, but those pesky NFL players moved the date on his trip and Melissa was available to step in and spend a few days at the beach with me.

She is going to earn her keep, since I've packed a bag full of new designs that need photos!  But there's a full cooler for when we arrive, bikes at our disposal, boats on the car (hopefully) and a little bed and breakfast with gray shingles and big hydrangeas that we'll be calling home tonight. 

So next week, expect a pattern release with some kind of summery background.  Here's hoping for a little breeze, as wearing woolies in summer can be a chore for my poor, underpaid model.


Deb Hoss said...

This color is just fantastic! I'll be looking forward to pictures. Enjoy your vacay :)!

Kate B said...

I am jealous - but not too much, since I'll be there one week from today. Can.not.wait. I am so looking forward to a nice glass of wine, sitting on the bench at the top of the stairs to the neighborhood beach - doesn't get much better.

AntiquityTravelers said...

Fun! well at least for you ... your poor sis wearing sweaters in the summer - egads! pass the cocktails!

Patty said...

Have fun! My Cape Cod is just awaiting sleeves and it will be my sweater of choice for NH vaca in August!