Thursday, August 07, 2014

Any of you who know my younger daughter, Zoe are fully aware she didn't sit idly by while I worked on Mango Smoothie for Maya.  You know that I was given sketches and outfit ideas and directions and color thoughts and drink thoughts.  Maybe a few times.

Thanks to the lovely Sandra of Duck Duck Wool and her sw merino worsted in this gorgeous color called September Issue, Zoe will have the fruit of her labors by the time 5th grade begins next month.  I'm still playing with how best to capture the subtle oranges and reds and yellows in this, so forgive me for the stripe that shows up on film but not in real life - plus the three different exposures in my photos here.  I'll figure the photography end out by the time I finish. 

And I will be finished pretty soon.   It does not take long to knit for an 11 year old kid -- 
plus, she's kind of a taskmaster...


poohtum said...

Love that color!