Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This week's drink comes from Uncle Jimmy, who we got to spend time with this weekend at
our cousin Jonah's bar mitzvah.  Jimmy was Craig's favorite uncle when he was little, and now he's mine and Maya's and Zoe's too.  

His favorite drink is a vodka tonic, with lemon.  Not lime.  I'm pretty sure that's what was in the glass in his hand here.  He's being photo bombed by cousin Brian, but that's a "cheers" I was getting. 

I'm also pretty sure you don't need a serious recipe for  a vodka tonic, but here goes:  pour 2 oz vodka over ice, fill glass with tonic, squeeze fresh juice from a half lemon into the glass and garnish with a slice of lemon rind.

And then go dance with someone who makes you laugh.  I wish I knew what he'd just said to Maya!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thanks for all the comments!  I'm glad to see that you guys are still out there, and that there's some interest in continuing the blog conversations.  Now, I just have to keep up my end of the bargain, yes?
But that's easy, as Rhinebeck is just a month away, and I'm planning.

Our little house is rented again, and one sweater is all done.

It's green and cabled and cozy. (in Plucky Knitter's Scholar)  I've named it Chartreuse (fully knowing that yes, Chartreuse is a totally different acid green).   But I like the name and I am having fun with what's in the bottle and it does look good with the sweater, so hey. I think it works.  Plus, deciding so is a perk of being my own boss.

However, Rhinebeck is a three day affair for me, so more than one sweater is required. 

This one will be named Ommegang, as it's more traditional and cabled and I was totally inspired to make a classic sweater with this name after visiting the brewery this summer.  All that remains is for me to decide what goes best with the main cable here.  The design is all sketched and ready - and I even know what stitch counts I'm hoping for, but I need to fill in some holes before I can actually work the body.

The yarn is Bare Naked Wool Stone Soup DK, which is also perfect since Knitspot is doing their After Rhinebeck Party.  So, my plan is to be there, in my sweater, on Sunday afternoon.   Here's hoping, right?

So, secret knitting will resume in a moment, with the hopes of finishing before Monday.

There is a big Colman family Bar Mitzvah this weekend (Craig's family is from LA, so they do these things for the entire weekend, wedding-style).  But family visits with his side mean long periods of sitting, so I can knit! Knitting also means I don't have to talk sometimes.  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Yep, Cocktail Thursday.   I've been doing some thinking lately about blogging, and how it's really been taking a back seat to the Instagramming and Twittering out there.  But blogging is fun, and it  allows for a conversation in the way that the other things just don't.  We used to talk, right?   There were whole sentences, some comments, we spent a few moments together.

And now we just look at an image and press a heart.  So I'm hoping to try and revive our relationship here.  Instead of just seeing all of you as little hearts on a photo, we can chat once in a while as well? 
To start with,  I will be sharing my drinks again instead of just saving them for when I have a pattern.  I'm not committing to a Thursday, mind you.  Some weeks I need it on a Monday, and others I may be in the mood on Saturday.  But once a week, I'll post a recipe and a pic of what I'm drinking.

I'll also keep doing the knitting thing - and not JUST when releasing a pattern.  But sometimes I'll do a look behind the scenes and sometimes I'll give you a knitting update and sometimes I'll comment on the things that others are doing in the knitting world.  And probably I'll blog when I am bored, so who knows what that content may be? 

Anyways, here's hoping that you guys are out there and may want to take a few moments to read a couple of words in addition to doing the photo thing (which, yes, I will keep doing - it's kinda fun!)

Cocktail Thursday, as promised:

Whisky Sour.

It's one of the few times I actually like the powdered mix.  It's available right there in the supermarket aisle, makes the prep easy, and really it tastes kind of perfect.  In that 50s/60s/70s kind of way.   

Also, take a moment to note my NEW cocktail glasses.  I updated the collection last weekend at the flea market because even I was getting tired of the same photos again and again.  These little painted glasses come with the best dainty pitcher - but I'll wait until I am making a batch of something to break that one in properly.

For the perfect whisky sour, you just follow the instructions on the packet!  One jigger of whisky, one jigger of cold water, and ice go in a shaker.  I also add a little orange bitters.  Shake, strain and add a maraschino.  Done!

And if you make yours tonight, take a moment to raise your glass to NYC - for loss and strength and resilience and spirit.  It's been a long time, but we should not forget those that were lost and those that were heroes, and those that were there. 

Monday, September 08, 2014

Introducing One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer, a 3-hat collection for the men in our lives.  I plan on doing a few more of these mini e-books as the year goes on, but thought this one would be well timed for a head start on holiday gifts and back to school.

Some of you may have seen me Instagram my photo shoot for this, where Melissa and I proved that a folding table on the driveway, if loaded with cards and booze and poker chips - can keep guys in hats and flannel for a long time in 80 degree heat.

Troopers, all three of 'em, right?  

The three hats are designed in different Plucky Knitter yarns - there's a tweed, a worsted merino, and a cashmere - to fill a variety of man-type requests.   I also tried mix a variety of designs, using cables on one, texture on another, and pairing twisted ribs and stripes for the third.  Whatever kind of man you've got, one of these could be up his alley.

Sizing goes from child to adult, and instructions are given to change yarn weight or sizing on all three hats. 

One Bourbon features a complex cable motif, and is worked in Plucky's Primo - a soft and gorgeous Worsted weight merino, cashmere, nylon mix.  A deep brim and bold detail give this a manly vibe in her deep gray (it's Round Table) yarn, but it's the cozy feel of the thing all together that gets me. 

One Scotch is the most flexible of the three hats.  You can alter weight or stripes or depth or width as needed, and it's the detail where brim meets body of the hat that makes this one kind of cool.  Plus,  knit in Plucky's Bello Worsted?  Even the fussiest of men can't argue with cashmere. In Sarah's colorways.  

One Beer is my ode to texture. Instead of cables, I wanted something just a little different for my tweed.  The boxy rib and the bold garter together is great (in fact, it's about to turn up on a man sweater as well...).  In Plucky's new Scholar yarn, it's a combo I am addicted to.  This hat also hits a perfect polished-but-rustic note that just works - and that Craig here seems to like.

I hope you like these!  All the info is on the Ravelry page, by pattern.  

The 3-pattern collection is available for $11on Rav or on the pattern section of this blog.  In about a month, the patterns will also be available separately for $5 each.

Cocktails weren't necessary this time, since poker calls for shots and beer (as does George Thorogood).  However, I am going to start doing once a week recipes soon, so stay tuned!

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Besides the pattern releases, I am afraid my little blog has been kind of quiet these days.

There has been much knitting and there have been many cocktails, but some of it is secret.  And that's killing me a little - I have turned into such a child of Instagram and immediate gratification that the binding off without the photo, and the little message, and then the hearts - is just a bit of an, "oh, ok..." moment.  But you know that as soon as I can share any of the new things,  I will!

Along those lines, I did have a hat pattern published in Interweave's latest 3 Skeins Or Less, Fresh, Knitted Accessories  Book - it's called Mixed Berries, and it was a bit of fun colorwork.

 Photo from Interweave Knits/Joe Hancock.

I have also been getting ready for a couple more classes.  I get so many kind messages from people who want me to come and visit, and please know that I really appreciate every one of them, but unfortunately my time is still not my own at home here.  Fitting work travel and weekend events into the mix is not yet easy, so I have just a few special things planned right now:  

Here's Fall:

OCTOBER 4 -  PORTLAND, ME:   I'll be doing a one session design workshop at A Gathering Of Stitches, which is a wonderful space for makers of all kinds in Portland.  I believe there's still a spot or two left if you are interested, and information is here:  An Afternoon with Thea Colman

OCTOBER 18/19 - RHINEBECK, NY:  I will be at the Festival for the weekend (yay!!) and have planned a casual meetup on Saturday afternoon between 3-3:30 by the 4-H Cider booth, at the picnic tables.  (This is where the rainbow wall used to be, and I love to get my cider from those kids and doctor it up as desired.)

NOVEMBER 6 - OAKLAND, CA:  I am doing a trunk show and meet-and-greet event at A Verb For Keeping Warm!  I have always been a fan of their yarns, and will be in town for my sister's birthday.  So you know the night that your husband goes out with his old friends who live near your sister?  I am using my hall pass at Verb on that night, with a whole bunch of my existing designs and perhaps a new pattern in Pioneer.   I'll post more details closer to the date, but think around happy hour.

Over the winter, I am working on classes again for Providence, RI's Slater Mill 2015 in January, and will be teaching in Western MA at WEBS in March.  I'll add more details on those as the time draws closer - but for now that's it.

Must get to the post office now, one of my secret projects is about to go on a long journey across the ocean!  And then Zoe has a soccer game :)

Next week = ManHats!