Monday, September 08, 2014

Introducing One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer, a 3-hat collection for the men in our lives.  I plan on doing a few more of these mini e-books as the year goes on, but thought this one would be well timed for a head start on holiday gifts and back to school.

Some of you may have seen me Instagram my photo shoot for this, where Melissa and I proved that a folding table on the driveway, if loaded with cards and booze and poker chips - can keep guys in hats and flannel for a long time in 80 degree heat.

Troopers, all three of 'em, right?  

The three hats are designed in different Plucky Knitter yarns - there's a tweed, a worsted merino, and a cashmere - to fill a variety of man-type requests.   I also tried mix a variety of designs, using cables on one, texture on another, and pairing twisted ribs and stripes for the third.  Whatever kind of man you've got, one of these could be up his alley.

Sizing goes from child to adult, and instructions are given to change yarn weight or sizing on all three hats. 

One Bourbon features a complex cable motif, and is worked in Plucky's Primo - a soft and gorgeous Worsted weight merino, cashmere, nylon mix.  A deep brim and bold detail give this a manly vibe in her deep gray (it's Round Table) yarn, but it's the cozy feel of the thing all together that gets me. 

One Scotch is the most flexible of the three hats.  You can alter weight or stripes or depth or width as needed, and it's the detail where brim meets body of the hat that makes this one kind of cool.  Plus,  knit in Plucky's Bello Worsted?  Even the fussiest of men can't argue with cashmere. In Sarah's colorways.  

One Beer is my ode to texture. Instead of cables, I wanted something just a little different for my tweed.  The boxy rib and the bold garter together is great (in fact, it's about to turn up on a man sweater as well...).  In Plucky's new Scholar yarn, it's a combo I am addicted to.  This hat also hits a perfect polished-but-rustic note that just works - and that Craig here seems to like.

I hope you like these!  All the info is on the Ravelry page, by pattern.  

The 3-pattern collection is available for $11on Rav or on the pattern section of this blog.  In about a month, the patterns will also be available separately for $5 each.

Cocktails weren't necessary this time, since poker calls for shots and beer (as does George Thorogood).  However, I am going to start doing once a week recipes soon, so stay tuned!


SecondStory Loft said...

Poor fellas! But the hats are really nice!