Sunday, December 07, 2014

A new collection!  Four friends and four hats - all with pompoms....

Bristol Ivy, Alicia Plummer, Melissa Schaschwary, and myself.  Like many designers online, we each work alone, but we are lucky enough be a part of the amazing social circle called Ravelry. Thanks to that connection, we used to ping each other occasionally about things, and those pings became snippets of conversation - which over time have grown into a constant 4-way thread of text.   It's become our virtual coffee shop, where we touch base and talk shop (or not...) and have a bit of company each day.

And in one of those conversations, we started talking about the perfect pom pom hat.  A few texts  later, this little collaboration was in the works.  

The idea of the pom hat is translated a little differently by each of of us,but each one is warm and fun and appropriately pommed.  Different yarns, different stitch patterns, different shapes - but each one a cozy and wintry hat that we would be wearing if we could tramp through the snow to visit the other three at a real, live coffee shop with a fireplace and steamy mugs to drink from...

Hot Toddy is my contribution, featuring classic cables and simple detail.  This gorgeous tweed is called Donegal Soft and it traveled all the way from Ireland, so when I look at it I'm reminded of the history and tradition from whence it came. The creamy shade and rustic hand is just gorgeous in simple cables, and I've added some fun detail at top and bottom.  Hot Toddy is quick to knit and easy to wear, plus it has a pompom!!

It's perfect for a stray skein of tweed or heavy that worsted you may have lying around.  And all the details are on the Ravelry page.  You can purchase the PDF there or in the hat section of this blog for $4.00.  

Want to knit all 4? Buy any of our pom hats and you'll find a code on your PDF good for 25% off the others! And those are.... Bristol Ivy's London Fog, Alicia Plummer's Caramel Brulee and Melissa Schaschwary's Stollen - valid until January 8th!


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Nice! I want to binge knit hats this week, really a shame that earning money gets in the way!