Monday, December 22, 2014

This is a time of year to be out of the house and away from the computer, so pardon the silence. I hope that you are all out in the world as well - spending time with family and friends and that you are enjoying your holidays -  if, like me, you are already on night 7!   If not, I hope you are having a great time preparing for a fun week ahead.

As for a yearly recap -- in 2014, I managed to reach a few of my goals - mixing in new construction methods - such as continguous, EZ, bottom up, and seamed -- teaching classes, doing the amazing Lantern Moon retreat, and working more accessories in the mix. 

In 2015, I have a few more things in mind - including a bit of European travel and more new techniques.  The teaching will still be very limited as my kiddos have many things to do and I want to be here while they do them - however.... Squam!!! and Slater Mill!!! (still room in that one class....), plus a class at WEBS this March, and a little trip to the Pacific Northwest are on the books.  Time with my knitting friends, exploring new yarns, and a sweater for a little boy are also in my head.  

Already, a few things are almost set to go once January arrives:

Like Shirley Temple...  


and Ommegang...

And Zacapa, my first men's sweater design - which will be photographed properly in Quebec next week!  

There's a Tiki-themed accessory collection getting knit up, and some gorgeous colorwork with Jill Draper's Rockwell, a project with Julie Asselin, and of course, more Plucky in my stash that must get knit.  Plus, my first magazine submission will be published soon.  So stay tuned!  

Again, Thank You so much for all the beautiful knitting you did in 2014.  I do try to see and comment when I catch your Ravelry projects and I appreciate every single one of them!! You guys make me look good and let me continue doing this thing that I just love. 

Thanks for choosing to spend your time and yarn on my designs.  :)

I hope to be seeing more of all you and your needles in 2015.....  Happy Everything!!


Debbi DiRenzo said...

I look forward to all your postings and new designs. I wish I could knit really fast so I could make more of your sweaters but alas, I can not. Thank you for sharing your talents with us, your fans. May 2015 be an exciting rewarding year for you!
Debbi DiRenzo

Barb T. said...

Hope this holiday season finds you and your family healthy and happy. Your upcoming schedule sounds wonderful; I still hope to meet you at an event. Squam and the open market perhaps. It doesn't feel much like the holidays here in Western Maine. Too much rain and only a little bit of crusty, yucky snow on the ground. Anyway, stay safe! I am looking forward to hearing more about your new ventures here on the blog!

Kirsten said...

So many glorious cables!!! Your talents never cease to amaze. Wishing you a wonderful 2015!

Glenna said...

Happy Everything right back Thea!! Wishing you and yours all the best!

Marina said...

Dear Thea, I'm a fan of your blog and your designs; though I confess they currently reside in the land of my queue, I'm hopeful that 2015 will see (at least!) one made!

Just a note in case by any chance your European travels include the UK in August, wanted to let you know about this conference in Glasgow: In the Loop
( which will be a fun meeting of academics, knitters, designers, producers, fashion folk, etc with some papers, demonstration, marketplace, etc.

Or if you find yourself somewhere reasonably nearby at some other time of the year, do let us know as we might be able to work out a different sort of visit through this project we have going at the University of Glasgow:
Although much of what we do focuses on Scotland, I'm actually an American historian (both by nationality and by avocation!) and interested in forging some transatlantic ties.

Have a great 2015! I look forward to following along on your blog!

Cheers, Marina