Thursday, December 04, 2014

So, you guys cleaned poor Victoria over at Eden Cottage out of her Langdale Aran in no time!

But she's decided to take a limited number of backorders on the yarn until 12/7 so that you can still order now and take advantage of the free shipping offer on your PDF!  Knowing you guys, her supply won't last that long, so pop on over if you thought you missed out and was hoping get your cowl knit up in Driftwood, shown below.   And if not, she'll still be restocking the shop again on Feb 1.

The information on the backorder is here, and she'll be dyeing and shipping before Christmas, so you won't even have to wait long for your package to arrive:

In other yarn-related news,  I  know that many of you have my Chartreuse pattern in hand, but no Scholar in stash and have been waiting for the next update over on the Plucky Knitter blog.   I hear she's planning a big one for this Friday - and Scholar is on the menu.  They have already begun posting colors and information, so if you are interested in that, the information will keep appearing  here:

To end, I have a bit of bad news -- I've been playing with the cocktail for Cardamom Rose all week, and to be honest, I just don't like it.  I've worked all kinds of combinations according to the recipe I have, and although I love the name of the drink for the cowl and the pale pink color is spot on, I cannot, in good conscience tell you to drink this stuff.  I like you too much to make you do that!  I think it's the rose water that kills it - as the cardamom-gin-lemon combo is pretty good.   

Anyways,  this is the link (below) to the recipe if you want to give it a go, but I highly recommend knitting the cowl while having an Anchor Steam Holiday beer instead!  Those are great, and only in the shops for a little while - much like Scholar and Langdale Aran, apparently!


Cecilia said...

I have a good friend who makes a cocktail that she calls the Cardamom rose that's quite tasty. If you're interested, I could get you the recipe; I know she'd be willing to share.

Anonymous said...

of course Cecilia! I'm always game to try something new..... Thanks!