Friday, January 09, 2015

Shirley Temple was designed especially for Zoe.  Ever since Mango Smoothie, I knew this was coming, right?  Her first request was for a bright, spunky color.  And her second was for a sweater that was just a little different, and kind of fun.  But still cabled.  And classic. 

I drew a few things, she made a few comments, and we drew a couple more things. But she was sold the minute she saw the skeins of Duck Duck Wool's 100% superwash worsted in this color - September Issue.  I'm knitting another Shirley Temple for me in Duck Duck's Maker's Merino, which is another soft 100% wool, but non-superwash - cause I'm a grownup.  

(You can get your own DDW on Saturday 1/10 - tomorrow!  She's having a shop update at 9am EST with both bases and all kinds of colors for both ready to ship and custom order - - HERE)

Shirley Temple is a classic cabled pullover with a little surprise in back.  The bold lines and vivid color are SO very Zoe - she's almost boingy, she's such a happy, eager, charming little person.  The big textured cables are featured on front and back and stockinette sleeves contrast with the purl background of the motifs.

Faux seams run down each side of the sweater and are echoed with fat ribs along the center back and V detail.

As mentioned above, I decided I wanted one too -- and sized the sweater all the way up to a 52" bust.  Mine is going to be in Down Feather, a pale gray for a little maturity, and my V closes up much higher up on my body for a narrower, more closed line down my back. 

Besides the cables and the back detail, this is a basic bottom-up raglan sweater, and can be easily modified for length or width.  My ideas on how you may want to play with the V in the adult sizes are included in the pattern, as well as thoughts on knitting this with a fully closed back.

The pattern will also be for sale on the Patterns Page of my site, and on Ravelry for $7.  A few details are below, and the rest of the info is on the Ravelry page:

Child:  22(24,26,28,30) intended to fit a 4(6,8,10,12) year old.  
Adult:  (32,34,36,38,40)(42,44,46)(48,50,52) Sizing based on finished measurement around bust.  

Duck Duck Wool Superwash Worsted, 100% merino/218 yds per skein. Shown in September Issue. 
Child:  650(700,750,800,850) yds
Adult:  (950,1050,1150,1250,1350)(1450,1500,1600)(1700,1750,1800) yds

5 sts/7rows per 1" in stockinette.  US#7/4.5mm needles or size to get gauge.  Cable gauge in pattern.

PS - That hat is another of my patterns - Hot Toddy

And as for how to make a Shirley Temple?

3 oz lemon-lime soda
3 oz ginger ale
dash of maraschino juice
and a cherry.

Zoe likes it when I also add other things - like an orange slice or an umbrella or a plastic monkey.  


Kirsten said...

I love this design!! I need to make one for myself. What a stroke of genius to make it in sizes for kids and adults.

I've never heard of Duck, Duck Wool. Will definitely have to check out the update tomorrow.

Mary Lou said...

Well sweet drink and sweater. That yarn looks fantastic. That back v would make it great for riding!