Thursday, February 12, 2015

They are like bunnies, aren't they?  And they keep popping up around here.

They are so quick on and off the needles!  And between snowdays, extra people in the house, and shoveling breaks it's hard to get going on a sweater, so I keep starting these while the snow keeps falling.  Plus, I am doing a great job of knitting down my stash of single and double skeins while I'm at it, so trust me when I say that more is coming.  (That holds true for both the snow and the knits, by the way.)

The Hudson Bay Set features a distinctive lace motif surrounded by ribbing, and the flow created where the lace meets the ribs is what makes this beautiful.  Simple, elegant lines. Plus, the design is reversible - so your cowl can fold as it likes and still look great.  It's the most soothing knitting ever and it's absolutely addictive - which explains why I've already knit a hat and a cowl in this same motif already, right?

The other reason it's so addicting is Jill Draper's Hudson - a gorgeous 100% All American merino with deep, saturated colors and a great little "boing" to the fiber.  It's round and soft and durable - and trust me when I say it can take a hard wearing without a pill.   I want another of these every time I see her rainbow of colors ...

I have actually already begun working on a shawl version in her Esopus, which is like Hudson's fingering weight cousin - and I also have an idea about a cardigan that features the motif as well, so know that I'm not done with either the motif or Jill's yarns yet.  (I said addictive, right?)

All the details are on the Ravelry page, where the PDF is available for $7.  The pattern has directions for both hat and cowl, and instructions on how to modify for width or depth, which is pretty easy.

You need one skein for the hat, and two for the cowl.   If you are going to Stitches West next weekend, you can find Jill in her booth with a whole rainbow of Hudson on hand.  If not, there are a number of local yarn stores that carry her yarns, including Fibrespace, Tolt, Happy Knits, and Loop.  And when Jill returns to the snowy East, I am sure she'll begin restocking things in her Esty shop as well. 

And for a drink?  We have Sue, from my Ravelry group to thank.  (She's also known as pickupsticks66)   She informed me that there was an actual cocktail named The Hudson Bay.  Perfect.  I was leaning towards things with names like "twisted" and "stirred" and my husband was voting for "swizzle stick".  She rescued us from those sad options, and now you can make one of these:

Hudson Bay

.5 oz cherry brandy
1 oz gin
1 oz rum
1 oz of fresh orange juice
.5 oz fresh lime juice

Shake with ice in a jigger and strain into a glass.  It's got a little kick, so don't have too many!


Deb Hoss said...

What lovely assessories, and pictures! I so know about the snow, neighbor :(. Spring will come..

pandasmom said...

This set needs some matching least in my humble opinion. And with more snow starting tomorrow you could be done before it is over on Sunday.

Ellen Mason said...

This stitch is mesmerizing. Looks rich and delicious!

Sue said...

I'm SO honored, Thea!! Now I need to get some cherry brandy, stash dive & make a Hudson Bay!
Sue. aka: pickupsticks66

John Greene said...

More snow definitely means more warm and cozy accessories. It also means driving carefully or just staying inside, if it is possible, under a soft blanket.