Monday, March 09, 2015

It was only a matter of time before I did a Tiki Collection, right?

I'm a little surprised that it took me almost 5 years to get around to it, but The BabyCocktails Tiki Collection went live last Thursday.  I've designed  a series of accessories, using beautiful yarns in vibrant colors and paired them with motifs featuring bold textures and lines.  It's my knitterly translation of the dense, gorgeous patterns and foliage I think of when I visualize anything Polynesian.

The person to thank for the actual collection is Courtney over at Kelbourne Woolens, and the yarn that deserves the credit is Canopy Worsted, in a beautiful tropical blue called Tanager.   Last summer, at the Squam Marketplace I was completely distracted by the skeins of Canopy in the Kelbourne Woolens booth.  I remembered how much I loved working with Canopy when I designed Drambuie a few years back and I had to have some more.  It has a gorgeous drape and great stitch definition and it's soooo soft that as soon as you pick up a skein, you're pretty much in.  So, I was looking at some of the darker colors and thinking cables, but this perfect pale blue kept catching my eye.

My problem was that I couldn't think of a drink for it.  (Yes, that is the kind of decisions that guides my yarn buying habits)  But Courtney was oh-so-helpful and immediately said Scorpion Bowl.  And at that very minute, I knew I had an excuse to get any gorgeous color I wanted.  Because Tiki Drinks can be any color you want.  I also knew I had an excuse to go on Ebay and get awesome tiki mugs, which didn't make all the pics, but you'll see them in a few.

I used a variety of yarns this time - choosing only those that came in gorgeous colors - Green Mt Spinnery MewesicBerroco Ultra Alpaca, Skeinny Dipping Journey Worsted, Julie Asselin Leiszu DK and Plucky Knitter Snug Worsted.   And at one skein of each for most of the designs (the cowl can take 1, 2, or 3 depending on the size you choose) you can use these projects as an excuse to try a new yarn or get a great color you may not want an entire sweater in.  

The Collection is for sale as an e-book for $16 - and your download includes a sheet of all 6 drink recipes in addition to the PDFs - or you can purchase any of the patterns individually for $5.   All of the information and the test knits are up on Ravelry.

I figure this is the perfect way to see the end of this ridiculous winter out.  I may still need a hat, but it's going to be bright and happy and colorful, right? 

And by next month, I hope I'm wearing it with a jean jacket instead of my parka.


RWL said...

I love all these! Over the weekend I cast on for Scoripon Bowl with some bright magenta Plucky I have. Thanks for such a fun collection - now hopefully spring is around the corner :-)

Alicia said...

Awesome! I love all the lace details here. I just finished your Tonic Water cowl and could use some more awesome accessories!

Fräulein Smilla said...

Wunderbare Farben...
LG Smilla

Sara Buck Gilli said...

Just had to have the Scorpion Bowl! Love it! beautiful patterns!