Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's the second day in a row here where the temps are above freezing, the sun is out, and no new snow is falling onto the existing piles covering my grass, so I'm going to call it.  This is Spring.

It's been a long stretch if you live anywhere up in New England, but I've got to be honest and say that last month was a lot easier on me than it was on my non-knitting friends, because while they sat bored and trapped in their homes, the extra few weeks were a little gift to me - of guilt-free bonus knitting time.  Which I have used wisely. 


All that snow also became a bit of an excuse to do some online shopping too, so I'm prepping for Fall already.  I've got a sweater's worth of 13 Mile from Tolt, another in O-Wool Classic Worsted, and this little pile of lovelies -  including Julie Asselin, Jill Draper, Nice&Knit and a new obsession of mine, Lakes Yarn and Fiber

I'm getting my spring cocktails in order - I have already stocked up on the basics and I've been told about a new thing called Aged Gin - yes, gin aged in a wooden barrel - which I have on special order at my local liquor store.  There is spring cardigan in testing and a shawl on the needles -- plus, you already know I have used the time to set up some summer travel.

And now that the sun is out, I can finally venture out and move around. 

Knitting is a sedentary sport, my friends - and my winter activities are not in line with my summer expectations.  I do have this crazy exercise bike setup in the basement where I can knit and exercise at the same time, but the idea of knitting down there and staring at the water system/ boiler setup in the cold unheated basement pales against the option of leather sofa, fireplace and TV every time.

Anyways, my shawl project awaits and I plan to walk down to the lake to work on it.  I hope you are  enjoying the change of season as well - make yourself a gin and tonic (or your favorite springy drink) to celebrate tonight!

If you do so, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #babycocktails and I'll send somebody a free PDF of their choice.