Wednesday, April 15, 2015

So this week's prompt is "Beginnings" and I have to say that it's not coming to me so easily.

There are the obvious directions - and honestly, tons of them!  I have been expanding my base of yarns and my connections outside of the US in the past year, which has created wonderful "beginnings" associated with the new people and yarns in my world.

Projects and new yarny relationships with Julie Asselin, Victoria at Eden Cottage Yarns and  Ce of The Uncommon Thread are already underway.  I've got a package of gorgeous Sweetfiber skeins in the mail, Lakes Yarn and Fiber waiting patiently in a swatch, and 13 Mile waiting to be loved.  Those are all wonderful beginnings I'm right in the center of, but I keep trying to write a longer paragraph about them and it's not happening.  

If this writing thing was yarn, I'd keep swatching.

I think the interesting thing about beginnings is that sometimes you don't know that they ARE beginnings until later.  When something grows out of an otherwise mundane moment or a missed bus leads to an adventure or a problem shuts one door and you end up finding another.

Maybe I'm in the middle of a more bloggable beginning right now and I just don't know it?


Estella said...

Well put about not knowing something is a beginning until later - it is usually after the fact you recognize that something changed or happened.

Bubiknits said...

And i am following eden cottage yarn and the uncommon thread from their very beginning, beautiful and soft yarn! Thanks for sharing the others, and now i am waiting to see swatches and what you are knitting from :)