Wednesday, April 29, 2015

As I sit back to write this one, I am overly aware that I have about a thousand reasons to be grateful.  I'm happy and healthy and have a wonderful family and a comfortable home. I have a business doing what I love to do and a husband who supports me while I do it.  I've met wonderful people and have gotten to do incredible things through that business and continue to do so every day.   I am surrounded by friends and loved ones, and any minor complaint or problem I have is just that - minor.  I'm lucky, and I think that comes with a little bit of responsibility.

So pardon me if I use this last post to share some links for how to help out in Nepal.   What's happened there this weekend is just devastating and my heart goes out to everybody who's been affected.   And I'm grateful that I can help in some small way.

One of the amazing things about blogs is that they give us a voice that can be heard far and wide, and the best way I think I can blog about the things I have right now is to try and use them to make a difference.


Mary Lou said...

We are all lucky to have a secure home, aren't we? Thanks for posting the links. I have given to Himalayan Health Care and Seva, and they are sending back some incredible photos. A good reminder to be grateful for all we have.