Saturday, April 18, 2015

25% off all my accessory patterns...

I'm looking at Clara's Event schedule, and there are a TON of spring knitting events coming up.  New Hampshire, Stitches South, Maryland, Massachusetts, Okanagon Valley WA, Albequerque NM, Flagstaff AZ, and Woodstock, IL -- just to name a few.  I'm guessing many of you will be going, and I'm also guessing you'll be wanting to shop.

So how about some ideas to guide your shopping?  I always think accessories are the perfect way to try out new skeins - quick, easy and they won't break the bank.   Plus, I like having a mission at those events - it keeps me from coming home with beautiful things I will never use.   

For those of you not heading to the show,  I'm still thinking it 's time for accessory knitting.  Spring creates a little knitter's block for me - a sweater is too big and the thought of snuggling up in it is too far away.  Accessories, however, get me over the hump.  A cold morning walk for coffee means I can still put on a hat or cowl or mitts with my jean jacket - and they're the perfect size on my lap.

Plus they fit into my bag now that I'm moving around outdoors again. 


So, with that in mind -- 

from now until April 26th, all my self published single accessory patterns and accessory collections are 25% off on Ravelry with the code StitchesSampling. 

 including the Hudson Bays....


all the Tikis, my "Splash of" designs and Bourbons, Scotches and Beers.  
(You can get the collections or the single patterns) 

 I included all my old and new designs, some of which you may have missed,

And nothing uses more than 3 skeins.

 It's the perfect excuse to make a small purchase and ease into those deck chairs, isn't it?

Happy Spring!  


Alison Philcock said...

Please could you tell me how you can get this discount in the UK as Ravelry discount codes don't work on love knitting. Thanks

Thea said...

Unfortunately, I can't do any discounts for you guys in the current setup. Grrr, VAT!

But don't fear, once we switch back to the EU in Rav (and that's in the works) I promise to do something special for all of you!!


Alison Philcock said...

Hi Thea, that's a shame but thanks for letting me know.