Saturday, April 25, 2015

This week, the Playful Day Love Your Blog Prompt was "Ugly".

With that in mind, let's tour a few of my favorite pieces of art from my office wall.

I've always had a small collection of ugly art on one wall in my home.

The idea has lasted through college dorms, shared apartments, my own places, and now - each home I own.  A rich tapestry of velvet bullfighters, portraits of strangers, paint-by-number travesties, string-art sailboats, and thrift store finds have come and gone over the years, but the collection itself has never disappeared. 

It doesn't get bigger than one wall can handle, and as I said above, many pieces come and go - but there's been a steady grouping of about 5-10 things on my wall at any one time in my decorating career and they make me very happy.  And maybe they are kind of ugly, but I like how they look together and each one has a special reason for being kept. 


This came from my Grandma's house, and it's done by Morris Katz.  Morris Katz was an artist officially known as the "King of Schlock". He was also a speed painter who painted each of his pieces in less than 5 minutes, using a palette knife and bunched up toilet paper.  My Grandpa Irving met Morris at one of the hotels they used to go to every summer up in the Borscht Belt region of the Catskills and bought this directly from the man himself.  As other things rotate off the wall, this one will remain.  I may even buy a second Morris Katz someday on E-bay. 

The apples cost a buck at a yard sale and I love the colors and the frame, although I think my younger daughter can draw a better bushel. 

The dog art was a present from my friend Gabriella, who knows that I am not overly fond of dogs.  Or beige.  So she found an image of as many dogs as she could in a beige background and gave me this housewarming gift for our new place.  She informed me that her feelings would be hurt if it were not prominently displayed in my home for the rest of my life, and she's written a lovely,  heartfelt note on the back of the frame full of friendship and meaning.  Note that it is not on the wall, but has a place of importance on the cabinet.  I love Gabriella and I am obedient.

A bullfighter in velvet needs no explanation, right?  

This was my Grandma Edie's clown. He's not too big, not too doe-eyed, with just the right amount of velvet on the matting.   And he's happy, as opposed to creepy - which is hard to find in clown art.

My neighbor was throwing this out before she moved.  I kind of like the mix of colors and the urban scene - and after seeing it in her discard pile all day, I decided to run across the street at night at grab it off her curb.  Turns out she was the artist.  The shapes and details are pretty bad but I love the colors and the street scene and the weird little Lego-esque people she uses.

The Devil Seated on Toilet is a new one.  I really don't have an explanation for it besides the fact that I found it while looking for something else (a gift for a friend) in the velvet painting arena.  As soon as I realized what I was seeing, the E-bay bid went in.  Surprisingly, I was the only bidder so it became mine - for about $7.   He's smoking a cigarette, crying, seems exasperated, and is holding his tail out of the pot while taking a crap.   I'm not sure who the artist might be on this one, but he deserves a little credit for putting it all together.

Anyways, I think that about covers this week's prompt.  Sometimes ugly can be pretty awesome - and I do think each of these are more interesting than some poster I would have picked at IKEA because it matched the drapes.

I'm betting you know of an ugly painting you're drawn to? 


BlooSox said...

Kitsch corner - I love it! What an awesome idea! And it is a great amalgam of totally unrelated "works of art." I enjoyed this blog post, thanks!

AntiquityTravelers said...

I think bullfighter paintings must always be on velvet, but I admit to being intrigued by the 'King of Schlock's' use of toilet paper ... I'll be pondering that this morning over my tea

Kathy said...

You are a branch office of the Museum of Bad Art! Nice stuff!

Andrea said...

Wooowww.... That's all I can say! (I especially love Toilet Satan - what a find!)

Holli said...

Thea - I like you even MORE now :)

Louise said...

Love it. I met you at a Verb for Kerping Warm, last November.
My husband's aunt painted, amateurly, and his daughter has a clown painting she did. We have one of a young girl/ woman looking into the Cuyahoga River, in Cleveland. Pretty blues and greens. We hang it in our downstairs room.

Carol said...

The crapping Devil is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life!! Kudos to you for having the balls to display it :)

Ryan said...

My grandpa had a devil on the toilet oddly enough in the bathroom of his workshop. Nothing was more memorable about his workshop than that - I'm just trying to find some meaning behind it. It looked a lot like that one!