Sunday, April 12, 2015

It's finally here.  After a long TEN weekends of snow and sleet and hail and whatever other crap can possibly fall from the sky, we had actual sunshine this Saturday and Sunday.  And it felt amazing. 

I've never been so excited to rake my yard, scrub my deck stairs, clean off the cushions and empty dead plants out of pots.  The basement was cleaned, the yard was cleared, the dump was visited, bikes and kayaks were unearthed and general happiness ensued.  

And once all the chores were done, drinks were made. 

This is my first new favorite warm weather beer, a wheat one with watermelon.  

And before you squnch up your nose, know that I was unsure as well.  But it's goooood - and it comes in a can so I can bring it to the beach when I meet my buddy Ellen. We're lucky enough to have a specialty beer store a short walk from the house and when we stopped in on Saturday,  they had a rep from 21st Amendment offering samples.  I probably would not have chosen this one otherwise, but it's light and crisp and not really sweet at all - the watermelon is pretty low key, but it's there and it does add a little something to the can.  

 Plus, in the sun, on the back deck, this stuff just feels like summer.

Along with my warm weather beer, you may notice a matching project?  This is the Annapurna yarn I picked up back in November at A Verb for Keeping Warm.  It was waiting for the sunshine.  I am in love with everything that Kristine Vejar does, and I am so excited to be working on a pattern in her yarn.  Don't fret if you look in the shop right now and don't see any Annapurna though - I've spoken to her and more is on the way.  Both pattern and yarn are expected later in May. 

I had a few lovely hours with both beer and yarn, but then my family returned and it was time to make something that my husband was excited to drink, as the watermelon beer was not manly enough to grill with.  

So, we mixed up Round Two -- rum and tonics with lime and pineapple. 

A few oz of rum, a splash of pineapple juice, and a squeeze of lime.  He was happy and the sun was still out.  My knitting was put away this time though, since lace and second drinks don't mix.  


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

So true about lace and second drinks. A lesson I never seem to learn.