Monday, June 01, 2015

Remember that squishy Uncommon Thread yarn I was playing a few posts back? 

I have about two thousand things to do this week before I walk out the door for Squam, and publishing this baby is one of them!   Stay tuned for the Brighton Cowl. 


Susan in Washington State said...

Hi Thea,

I am starting your Vodka Lemonade pattern and have a question about sizing. I was going to go with a 40 bust measurement, which is what I am, but saw that in your schematics it states that the 40 size leaves you with a width of 40.5 with 2'-3' of ease. Does that actually mean negative ease? The pictures and the initial description leave you with the impression that the sweater will have a 2'-3' gap in the front - which is what I want - not a 2'-3' overlap. Thanks for your help with this!


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...


Thea said...


If you compare the size at front to the measurement at back, you'll see that the 2-3" are the difference between size on page 1 and finished garment for that size on p. 6. So each has 2-3" of ease built in.

For a fit like the one shown, I'd pick the size 40, which will measure 43" around.

It won't overlap or lie closed, since the swingy shape of the cardigan and the fact that it's worn open kind of "use" those inches up. If you really want it to be a bit snugger, you can absolutely go with the smaller size - you may want to check the sleeve width to be sure that works though, and perhaps add a few increases if needed.

Abe Martinez said...

Hi Thea,
Thanks so much for your quick response! I'm making quick progress and I love the pattern and the instructions you included. Appreciate your extra help! :)