Saturday, August 22, 2015

Since returning from our European trip, we've gotten to the beach, seen old friends, had over a week's worth of houseguests, taken a trip to New Hampshire, been on a few boats, gone to the C2C warehouse a few times, and caught up on a ton of laundry.

The knitting is still languishing, I'm afraid.

I had a few workdays set aside last week, as my parents were visiting with my sister and her kids, and they had plans to take all the cousins on a slew of Boston adventures for the week, none of which required my presence.  On day 2, my poor Mom broke one foot and sprained the other (she doesn't do anything halfway, that one.).  With two feet out of commission and my sister already back in California, my presence was again required and the kids moved back into the guest room at our place.  My Mom was ever the trooper and everyone still had a great time together, but those workdays disappeared pretty fast. 

Lucky for me, I sorted out my Rhinebeck sweater a LONG time ago.  And I had Mezcal ready to launch upon my return.  You've seen tidbits of my two Europe projects - both of which remain in various stages of knitting and editing. There are a lot of other things in the works as well, since I began my Fall projects with a July and August "vacation" in mind.  But nothing is really ready yet.  And I still have a ways to go before they are.

But I promised myself that this year I wouldn't drive myself crazy with self imposed deadlines, and I'm going to stick to that.  Try to find a little balance and let these projects evolve as they need to.  Spend some time with my family and occasionally leave the knitting bag at home.  It was good to do that this summer, and it made me realize how often I don't stop, because it's so easy to just keep knitting. I'm lucky that I love what I do, but there are times when it's just a little too much.  And I'm often not the one who realizes when it is. So from now on, I'll stop a little.  I'll keep it up, but I'll also let myself find those little spaces between.  You guys always say you need more TIME to knit all the things, so here you go.  Knit away!  There's no rush.

In the meantime, Kim who is Dreamknitgirl on Ravelry, is kicking off a great Rye KAL in my Ravelry group - there are some great prizes (including a grand Ultra Alpaca prize from Berroco) and a fun bunch of knitters involved,  so check it out.  If you are already knitting or thinking of making this one, feel free to join in and say hi!

Besides that, how about a few sneak peeks of various things on and off my needles?  

There's an almost finished sweater in Lakes Yarn and Fiber's Hayden DK...

Something soft and lacy in Sweetfiber Yarns Cashmerino DK:

Some cushy Valley Yarns Deerfield on deck,

Colorwork in Bare Naked Wools Kent,

and an upcoming project with YOTH!

There's a bunch more, but these were the pictures readily available on my laptop and I felt like it was high time to check in and say hello without further delay.  I'll be resuming my drinks and posts again soon, as life falls back into a routine. 

I have a little time before I get my real workdays back - the girls don't go back to school until Sept 9! So there are a few more weeks of family day trips, back to school errands and extra kids over here - but at least I'm back in town, without a house full of guests, and my time is predictable (or knittable..) once more.

See you soon!


Suze said...

Sept 9 is so late! My kids start Sept 1...and that feels like a long time from now since we're done with traveling and all the fun summer vacation stuff. Happy knitting!
Susan from Madison

Amy said...

I can't wait to see what you're cooking up for us! My kids started school last Thursday and I took my oldest DS back to college yesterday - the summer just flew! It's cloudy and cool here today - starting to feel like fall! I want to cast on all the sweaters!!

Julie Asselin said...

Love reading your blog and seeing your projects evolve, good to have some time off, it also refresh the mind to make space for new ideas ;)