Sunday, September 13, 2015

Many of you followed me on Instagram through Europe as I knit this one!  It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here.  In plenty of time for Fall. 

Introducing Amber Ale. 

When Melissa Thomson of Sweet Fiber Yarns sent me a big box chock full of gorgeous fiber last Spring, four skeins of cashmere jumped out first and begged to be knit.  I have always wanted a big, insanely soft, boldly lacy wrap -- and these 800 yards of soft, beautiful Cashmere DK were just the ticket.

Amber Ale features a geometric lace motif with some gorgeous bold lines that not only add the look of a little raised texture to the scarf, but make the lace much easier than you'd think to work.  Once you have a repeat or two down, the rest is easy to see as you go.

Along the sides of the wrap, simple ribs accent the motif, and at each end, these ribs play off the tips of the first and last diamonds in the lace.

It's big (but not too big) and it drapes perfectly, and it's the coziest thing I think I've made.  Because, cashmere.  Glorious soft, light, warm cashmere.

Melissa's colors are incredibly complex and beautiful - with highs and lows and subtle hints of other shades within the main color.  She dyes all her yarns in small batches up in British Columbia and tries to source as much of her fiber as possible from local Canadian farms.  If you haven't tried her fiber yet, now's a good time -- she's updated her shop with a new batch of Cashmere especially for this scarf and is offering 20% off the kit price until Sept 20.  Details are here.

Some of her beautiful colors are here.  Perfect for Fall, right?

or something more neutral?

And I'm offering $2 off the pattern for the first week as well! Just purchase Amber Ale on Ravelry - with the code SweetFiber, also good until Sept 20.  The pattern is available as a PDF download on Ravelry for $7, and it's also in the patterns section of this blog.  All the information and particulars are on the Ravelry page.

Next, I have a sweater quantity of her Cashmerino Worsted in Tea Leaves. I can't wait....

PS - Thank you thank you thank you to Erin, who's the gorgeous model in these pics.  xo


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oh wow, that scarf design is absolutely stunning, and looks amazing (and so perfect for fall) in that colourway!

Andee said...

Lovely pattern and lovely yarn!!!!

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Beautiful!!! Hooray for orange and simple lace!

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I've been searching for the color Tea Leaves.. Happy for you